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  1. xlynx

    Kawaii in Affinity Designer

    Like it !
  2. xlynx

    Second painting with Affinity photo

    A piece of art, well done !
  3. Hey, Reproduced and same bug on ADesign and APhoto
  4. xlynx

    Affinity Designer + SVG Import Bug

    Hey, You are welcome, What I did : file > open > 24x12 Inkscape.svg and created the artboard after. If you start with a blank document, you place your SVG file : file > place , after you click on Edit Document, create the artboard ..... its useless Best xlynx
  5. xlynx

    Affinity Designer + SVG Import Bug

    Hello, Use the artborad tool to show all the scene. Best xlynx 24x12_artboard.afdesign
  6. Hey, Thank you! I used a unique file, now all work fine but maybe I must update my .NET Framework version. Best
  7. Hello, When i edited an "ai" file, AD crashed and get this informations "Attached files". In the second attempt, i could not edit the file anymore (freeze and weird display), but when I restarted AD an other time, all become normal. Best xlynx application_error.xml NET Runtime.xml