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  1. Thanks. I've had to revert back to 1.6.5 because I couldnt figure out another way to produce this result using blend modes. If photo had a "divide" blend mode, I could rearrange the layers another way to produce this result, like I do in photoshop.
  2. I'm not sure if I should expect a response from QA here, but it would be nice to know my post wasn't missed
  3. I use a combination of blend modes in my old 1.6.5 files that has broken in 1.7.x I have attached a file, with a hidden layer showing the correct result. If you load the file in 1.6.5, it will match the "correct result" layer, but it produces an incorrect result in 1.7.2 funks_reinhard_tonemapping_trick.afphoto
  4. I've been stuck on PS CS5 for a while. After trying Photo, the layered EXR support (and price!) convinced me to buy it. Congrats on the great release :)

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