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  1. Hi Rob, After Patrick's reply of December 11, I am still feeling guilty that I dared to ask about Affinity Publisher here. I do know the answer to your question about importing PagePlus files: See the thread about this in the PagePlus forum: https://community.serif.com/forum/90636/what-affinity-product-will-replace-pageplus Loes
  2. Does anyone know when Affinity Publisher (sort of succeeding PagePlus) will be released? 2017? First half, second half? Thanks for any pointers, Loes (happy user of Serif programs since 2008, recently bought Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.)
  3. I would be another fan of an autotrace function! Knowing that you need a good contrasting image to start in the first place, but that is what I have: nice clear black/white pen drawings on paper. Would be great to be able to autotrace instead of manually trace. Loes
  4. After reading so many exciting posts about the Workbook I bought it. Wish I had done that when it first came out (was a better offer at that time) but it will be worth it anyway. Loes
  5. Love it. Especially the many tutorial videos! Loes
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