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    Lauri got a reaction from Abinash Mohanty in "Affinity products" -Discord chat server   
    Yes. I get your point. It has flaws and benefits like for instance forums have  :D It's not for every use.
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    Lauri got a reaction from arechsteiner in "Affinity products" -Discord chat server   
    I know this isn't exactly right sub forum to share this, but I thought this was the closest one. Hopefully the admins won't mind  :)
    Since the Discord is getting really popular among gamers replacing the Skype, TeamSpeak etc. I think it's a great platform for a software talk as well. There's already servers for other softwares, so this isn't the first one. So I created Discord server for "Affinity products" where users can discuss, ask for help, show their work and request feedback.
    Just download the app (Don't use the browser version because it's not as good), install, register your account and log in. After that just click the invite below.
    Invite link (It's recommended that you have Discord app installed and running when you click this): https://discord.gg/auDUEs5
    Here's a simple guide, if someone happens to need it: