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  1. Try on the menu at the top of AP View > Studio on the menu that opens go to the very bottom click Reset Studio. Hope this helps
  2. Trying to make a circle graphic with AD like text on the sidewall of a tyre. 1) made a donut 2) copied the donut ctrl + j resize to make an inner circle inside the donut 2 Used artistic text tool to create text path on the inner circle. The resulting text is fine on the bottom of the text path. However, the text is upside down at the top of the text path? How to correct the upside down text? Thanks Jimmy
  3. Thanks for you reply I D/L AP and the link installed beta in my Affinity A/C I have to buy AP & AD?
  4. I bought a new replacement laptop and wanted to install Affinity Designer and Photo. I went my Affinity account to D/L to my new replacement laptop. My account wants me to buy AP and AD again. why I have valid licence. Thank Jimmy
  5. Rubyjim

    Arrow Brush

    Same here does no work AP or beta windows version Jimmy
  6. How can a line be added to a text box? If I use effects the line is added to the text. I want to add a line to the blue box surrounding the text Thanks Jimmy
  7. Try Layer > live Layer > Equirectangular Projection
  8. I would like to see sticky menus Ie. Photo Affinity Effects > outline > center that I use all the time. I have to go > effects > outline > layer effects > center. I would like effects > center or what ever layer effect I last used. BTW I am using Beta found no problems. I,m a happy bunny.
  9. I am trying to create a Montage with Affinity Photo when I go to File create new document. The document is created but is not in layers until till I paste the 1st photo. and the layer and photo becomes the background. Can I create a background layer without photos? Or I'm I doing something wrong? Thanks Jimmy
  10. I noticed when using the frame text tool. If I resize the boundary box using the left, right or top boundary bars the text box behaves as expected. However the bottom bar has no effect if move it, in fact text can overflow the bottom boundary Affinity Photo
  11. When I export Affinity photo to .png I transparent areas lost?
  12. Is there away to rotate a document by 90 increments 15 degree is a bit clumsy. Ie from vertical to horizontal.
  13. I tried a macro but that would not work
  14. Thank you Alfred AP in preferences there is Photoshop Plugin section I have in the top sec c:\Users\jimmy\Desktop\Free_water_bubbles_Photoshop_Brushes_7 Allow unknown Brushes to be used is checked. There is know detected plugins shown. In AD preferences Pixel Persona there is know Photoshop Icon.
  15. Using the Pen tool in AD I can draw text along a path, I find using fixed shape the text goes in a line. I am trying the place text inside a donut shap Thanks Jimmy
  16. See attached test file. I would like to place text round the middle of the blue sector. Artistic text puts the text in the outer or inner circle . Thanks Jimmy test.afdesign
  17. https://affin.co/core_skills.afdesigngives me 404 error?? Thanks Jimmy
  18. Thank you for your interesting movie seem a bit complicated todo what should be simple but thank you
  19. How can I put a coloured line round my text? Textbox Thanks Jimmy
  20. When adding or editing text to existing text frame. When I click in the text frame. In layers menu highlighted text frame jumps to the under lying layer pixel layer. I click the text icon cursor select text frame cursor changes to T in a square, I click in the text frame that already contains text. and text layer is deselected, the pixel is under is now selected. Thanks Jimmy
  21. Ok I locked I locked the pixel layer. Now when I click in the text layer, the Background (locked) gets selected instead