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  1. This is the issue I've been having with creating a macro for resizing for a website - it works fine for images that are exactly the same size. I just found out about the batch option for resizing correctly. It helps but isn't the same as the way Photoshop saves an action.
  2. Very similar to what I was looking for as well! I have to resize images for our photo club site. In Photoshop I have an action that will resize the width to 600px and the height will scale appropriately then add a square frame in white around the entire image. I Affinity the macro will do all that except the height will be the same as the image I used to create the macro - throwing off the dimensions! Image 1: Original 8x10 test image. Image 2: after resizing and adding border (recorded this as a macro) Image 3: Image 2 with border added to show the result more clearly. Image 4: Image 3 after macro was run. The entire image is square as it should be but it has resized the original square to 8x10 ratio. However, the batch processing to resize works perfectly! Maybe I can combine that with a macro?
  3. I've tried to create a macro that resizes images to a 600px horizontal dimension at 72dpi. When I apply it to some images it resizes the 600px dimension correctly but not the vertical. It looks like it is using the final vertical dimension from the image used in the macro creation instead of recalculating a new one based on the new image size. The image comes out a bit squashed looking. Image one is the resized image used to create the macro. Image two is the new images I want to resize. Image three is the result. Am I doing something wrong or is it in the macro creation? Donald EDIT: The images loaded in reverse! The last one in the row is the first to look at.
  4. Here is something I processed in Affinity then tried the Topaz plugin Simplify.
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