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  1. Hi, I can't stitch slanted Panoramas in AP 1.6. This issue exists since AP 1.5.x
  2. panopano

    [Multi] Scalable UI

    Yes, this is also my most urgent wish for AP and AD! Please add this to your roadmap. Regards, Andy
  3. Many thanks and I hope your developer can improve this issue. In the meantime I play with the "final". ;) Regards, Andy
  4. ICE is nice but the reference for professional stitching results is PTGui Pro.
  5. Hi Chris, I've uploaded my demo files for you. Many thanks. Regards, Andy
  6. Still cannot stitch slanted single-shots as reported. Should as be helpful to give the single-shots for investigation?
  7. Stitching panoramas with slanted single-shots does'nt work. Here with my example outputs...
  8. A short feedback to the panorama feature on Affinity Photo Windows Beta. I've noticed that Affinity Photo is not able to stitch slanted single-shots correctly. I am aware that this is a very special thing and alternative programs like PTGui do this job much better. Nevertheless can I hope that this issue in future version will be fixed? Example: 8 slanted single-shots for a equirectangular 360° panorama Output after stitching And here the output after stitching with PTGui Regards and many thanks for the hard work, Andy Edit: Topic title expanded