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  1. Hi, I can't stitch slanted Panoramas in AP 1.6. This issue exists since AP 1.5.x
  2. panopano

    [Multi] Scalable UI

    Yes, this is also my most urgent wish for AP and AD! Please add this to your roadmap. Regards, Andy
  3. panopano

    Slanted Single-Shots & Panorama Feature

    Many thanks and I hope your developer can improve this issue. In the meantime I play with the "final". ;) Regards, Andy
  4. panopano

    Slanted Single-Shots & Panorama Feature

    ICE is nice but the reference for professional stitching results is PTGui Pro.
  5. panopano

    Slanted Single-Shots & Panorama Feature

    Hi Chris, I've uploaded my demo files for you. Many thanks. Regards, Andy
  6. panopano

    Affinity Photo Public Beta - (RC2)

    Still cannot stitch slanted single-shots as reported. Should as be helpful to give the single-shots for investigation?
  7. panopano

    Affinity Photo Public Beta - (RC)

    Stitching panoramas with slanted single-shots does'nt work. Here with my example outputs...
  8. A short feedback to the panorama feature on Affinity Photo Windows Beta. I've noticed that Affinity Photo is not able to stitch slanted single-shots correctly. I am aware that this is a very special thing and alternative programs like PTGui do this job much better. Nevertheless can I hope that this issue in future version will be fixed? Example: 8 slanted single-shots for a equirectangular 360° panorama Output after stitching And here the output after stitching with PTGui Regards and many thanks for the hard work, Andy Edit: Topic title expanded