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  1. Essecntially that's what it is but how do you do that in Affinity Designer and keep it vector? What you are showing is quite a bit different than what I included. You have black dots inside subway mask. The one I posted was the color was all the dots.
  2. Have you tried Capture One? I have both licenses but only use Capture One because it is so much better in nearly every way.
  3. I saw this PDF recently of a logo that is brought into Corel Draw and it turned it into a screen. Not only that but it made it vector (earth isn't vector) when the original wasn't. Anyhow, I was wondering how you could make something like this effect in Designer. Any ideas? Thanks!Corel Draw 2018 Pointillizer Tool.pdf
  4. I've got the iPad Pro and the Affinity Designer and it's fantastic--except for one thing: When I'm drawing in Designer using the Apple Pencil the color picker keeps coming up and choosing colors. How can I turn off the color picker while I'm drawing? I've turned off the option "touch for gestures only" and it makes no difference. I searched and found other people are having the same problem but seemingly no solutions. Has anyone come up with a solution? thanks!
  5. I too wonder how importing 4 pictures with a combined total of 200MB turn into a 997MB Affinity file.
  6. It is not being saved to any cloud service at all (it backs up later to one). It is saved to our Mac server on the LAN that hosts all of our files. Sometimes it's just fine too. I'm not sure what the error is. I've also had the error on my Macbook air when it's not on the network.
  7. I do not work on removable storage. Many times the files are fine. I also can't seem to get it to stop, by doing a Save As, once it starts the error. Is there any method to fix a file?
  8. I'm on a 27" iMac using 10.13.6 and 1.6.1 I'm getting this error regularly: I'm not sure what to do. The file closes immediately. The file can still be opened afterward and it looks like everything saved . Is this a bug?
  9. thanks or the info! The program is great and a little polish to help make it similar to what people migrating over will always be helpful!
  10. I do see that and I have used that but I mean just to keep the settings you just used that it would remember them while you are building it to save as a preset when you are ready. Thanks for the info!
  11. I have now been creating more and more work professionally for our print shop and I found a few things that i would like to see added in to Affinity. 1. Print settings saved each time you use it. I used Affinity to print a document today from the Mac and I changed my settings, page size, colors, etc. and then printed and it came out great. I went to print again and everything had reverted back to the original settings as when I was there the first time. 2. Color Swatches. I would like to see an object that has a fill or a stroke, when selected, show the selected color they are filled with in the swatches. Right now it does not and is not clear unless you double click on the color in the top left of the swatch window. It's very easy to accidentally click on another color than the one you intend. thank you! Bryce
  12. Is the scroll work vector and how did you make it?
  13. In dialog boxes where one has to enter margins or bleeds or things of that nature for four sides gets a little tedious. Would it be possible that measurements for more than one thing could include a lock button so that you enter it in the first box and it applies automatically to all 4 boxes? Increase and decrease buttons would be very handy for any setting such as fonts, paragraph spacings, etc. Right now I am trying to make banners with large fonts but I cannot just click up and down (or SHIFT for 10 increase). I have to type it in manually or use one of the preset numbers, which is not enough. Thank you for listening and for the great software!
  14. Affinity Designer is fantastic. Not because I'm a great drawer or illustrator. I'm printing and prepress professional and in the past week I have had two times where it Illustrator or Indesign could not take an existing PDF and deal with the file right. Designer was able to bring in the PDF and let us alter it to get the vector logo out. I do this regularly but I usually don't get errors importing into Illustrator but I did on this one and Designer saved us. Today a font was not embedded in a PDF that someone created in Corel. We were able to install the font on the Mac, open the PDF in Affinity, adjust a little bit because the person did a poor job designing and resaved - the ad came out perfect! I'm looking forward to the page layout program with how well Designer is working.
  15. The pasteboard would be nice like in Indesign/Illustrator. I'm sure it will be implemented or maybe something better.
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