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  1. If all the chapters and the front and back matter are all in one file, you should be able to auto flow the entire book. However, you will have to save it as an rtf file type since it won't accept anything except txt, rtf, and pdf (if I remember correctly). You will also have to create the first four pages (I believe it will generate after that, although I haven't tried it). You will also want to create a master page that has the author name and page number on the left top and the title and page number on the right top of the master. You will probably want to place that above the margin and make the top margin at least 0.6 in down from the top. Also, consult the printer's guidelines for how big the inside and outside margins need to be. You should also not have the images in the document you are flowing, but instead make a note of the image name that you're going to insert on the chapter title pages. If you have footnotes, forget Affinity Publisher for now. I don't know how you'll be able to fiddle the page numbering to start at page one for the first chapter of the book in Affinity Publisher. If you're already using Page Plus, suggest you continue to use it. If you don't and need a desktop publishing program, suggest you go to Serif's legacy products and buy PP9--it's very inexpensive (~$25 USD). Suggest you look at Affinity's YouTube Publisher tutorial here:
  2. I do think the Affinity Publisher developers should bear in mind that any process that requires a "work-around" or extra steps that another product doesn't will probably not switch for productivity considerations. In addition, anything that requires extra work is more prone to error and can be very painful if one is working against deadlines.
  3. Doc, docx, footnotes, and endnotes are absolute show stoppers for me. I'll definitely stay with PagePlus until that is fixed, and then I'll see if it meets my other requirements. What about Open Office odt? That was my backup for Page Plus when Word went wonky.
  4. Right now the basic show stoppers for me are that I can't insert doc, docx, and odt files and they don't automagically flow and create new pages based on the starting master page. Also, from what I can see, footnotes are not handled at all.
  5. That's what Serif is going to have to do in order to produce a product that I would want to buy.
  6. PagePlus is Serif's legacy Desktop Publishing software. It certainly can do great layouts such as the attached jpg (of the pdf file with bleeds that I submitted for print). Affinity Publisher is supposed to replace page plus. Currently, it can't do half of what PP can do.
  7. I do not find that acceptable. This is time consuming, especially if you have multiple articles that are more than one text frame long. Additionally, if this product can't be as easy to use and robust as PagePlus, then why bother "down grading?"
  8. I want it to work like it does in Page Plus. There, all I have to do is set up my publication and ONE page. I don't even need to create a text box. I then insert text from file and it automagically creates as many pages as it needs and flows the text. Easy peasy. I just did that for a 330 page book.
  9. Still no footnotes and end notes. They are a must have. Product useless without this, IMO.
  10. Just downloaded the Publisher beta for Win10 and it still doesn't recognize doc, docx, and open office (odt) files.
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