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  1. OS is Win 10. I created a master for my publication with release 2.0 and I'm now on 3.0. If I open Publisher by double clicking the master it looks like the older release is active because I get an update message. If I open the master from Publisher, there are no update messages. Is there a way to update the master without having to recreate it? ETA: If I try to open a file that started with the older Publisher release, but was modified with the latest release that I have, I get this message:
  2. Yeah--it worked. I thought I had done that, but I guess not. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. I tried that and it didn't work. I'm on Publisher 2.3. I'm surprised the software doesn't default to the latest move and not the earliest.
  4. After inserting photo and wrap text I get this: Which is how I want it to look. But I want to pin the photo to the text so that if I add or subtract text, the photo will stay with the text. However, when I pin the photo, the text unwraps: If I try to re-wrap the text, nothing changes. What am I missing?
  5. The booklet I'm working on, has some emails repeated in multiple places throughout the document. In working with the hyperlink window, I noticed that when an email address is repeated in the document, it doesn't automatically update when I select it. Instead, I have to add it to the table resulting in a second entry with a space and the number of the entry after the hyperlink. Is there a way to have Publisher 2 automatically search the table and linking it if it already exists?
  6. The publication that I produce has a page of contact information that contain email addresses. Since the pub is a digital pdf, I need to include an active link. About a month ago, I had just upgraded to the latest release and when I tried to activate the emails, I was able to create an active link for some but not all. I had the hyperlink window open and was going down the list of emails and would enter the new address and choose "email" link and tabbed to character style (hyperlink) the "ok" box would sometimes become active and other times not. I did not see that in the expanded 1799 list of fixes for Windows. (I'm still on Win 10 and am not planning to upgrade to Win 11 in the near future).
  7. Thank you Ron P. and walt.farrell for your fast reply. I just checked the list of fixed items for 2.1 and don't see my "show stopper" email hyperlink fix listed, so I'm going to hold off upgrading until it is.
  8. When I upgraded to Publisher 2.1 about two months ago, I was unable to create hyperlinks for every email address, so I reported it and went back to the latest release of Publisher 2.0. Now, when I open Publisher, I'm asked to upgrade to version, but I'm hesitant to do so since I don't know what was "fixed." How do I find out? Also,where do I go to get the older releases to go back to 2.0 if I run into problems that previously worked for me (I can't find the link to previous releases).
  9. I went back to the previous update and the email and hyperlinks work now. However, I did notice one thing, and that is if the text doesn't have the leading https//www or just https//, it resolves to http. I kinda understand why the "s" is omitted, but maybe it would be better to omit the leading "http..." since the browser will resolve it better?
  10. "Version 2.1.0 isn't backwards compatible just in case that was the thought process but copy and paste would be an option or exporting to pdf and then opening in v2.0.4 depending on your plan... " Thanks for the heads-up, I was planning on opening the affinity file. However, I can easily re-buiid it since 99% of the input is word, text, or image.
  11. Thank you! That will save me a ton of work if it works. (I was able to fix the URL address issue. 🙂)
  12. Hangman: Thanks for the reply on how I can potentially fix the hyperlink to a site--I will give it a shot before I recreate it in PagePlus. The names and email address are already publicly available on public websites. Lee D : Does this issue exist in the previous Publisher 2 update? If it doesn't, how can I revert to the previous version?
  13. 1. Some hyperlinks resolve correctly while one other opened my gmail account instead of this site: londongrasshoppertours.com (file of page where that link occurs attached). 2. I needed to link a long list of emails and it seemed arbitrary whether it would take or not. Hyperlink-1.jpg shows me choosing an email address to link and hyperlink-2.jpg shows that the "OK" box didn't activate. I can't see anything different in the ones that don't work vs the ones that do. I'm running on the latest update. I need to get this out tomorrow, so thankfully, I still have PagePlus hyperlink-test.pdf
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