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  1. Nik plugins seem to work ok except for Viveza 2 which produces colours tending to magenta. ColorEfex Pro colours render correctly.
  2. I have read both the threads mentioned above but have not been able to replicate their problems in software other than Affinity Photo. I have a dual, wide gamut, colour managed screen setup, one set for sRGB color space and the other for ProPhoto RGB. Viveza 2 works consistently and with the correct colours in both situations when using Lightroom 6.8 and Photoshop cc 2017. I only experience colour shift (see above),when using the Nik plug in's within Affinity Photo, and then predominantly with Viveza 2. The preferences setup in all cases is identical, so I have no mismatch there. Thus my conclusion is that the problem lies within AP and how the programme transmits colour data to the plug in's.
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply. Further digging suggests to me that the colour shift is size dependent on the Viveza preview screen. With the default preview the colour shift is quite pronounced, whereas if I hit "F" to make the Viveza preview full size the colour shift becomes less dramatic. Also, If I press ok to return the "modified" image from Viveza to AP, colours seem to render correctly. Unlike in Photoshop, though, the plug in does not create a new layer with the adjustments. I'm attaching two images to illustrate the problem. Thanks.
  4. I am trying to make multiple selections on an image using the elliptical marquee tool [M]. I thought that I had to press the control key to achieve this, but it does not work - nor does any combination of keys allow me to make multiple selections. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  5. Thanks for clarification. Using the toolbar at top the buttons work as expected. Regarding adding a selection, the hint at the bottom isn't very clear; "Drag + Rightmouse" adds a selection but deletes the original, previously drawn selection when the right mouse button is released. The only way I got the hint to work (i.e. add a new selection) was to "Drag + Right Button + Left Button" and then release the left button before releasing the right one. A bit cumbersome; is that the way it is supposed to operate?