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  1. ...as this is way too long. And don't ask to reduce font count.
  2. It's a certificate of poverty to request users to use font managers. Oh dear.
  3. Of course Photoshop and Affinity Photo is on the same disc.
  4. I've installed 1100 fonts. Photoshop CC 2015 starts in 20 seconds! Affinity Photo (even Beta 1.7) needs 2 minutes to startup. Where's the problem now?
  5. Every software I've installed on my system loads in a acceptable amount of time. Only Affinity Photo cannot. It's so sad. The problem is supposed to be me? Becaus I do not install a font manager? Oh no....
  6. Hi Dev, for every new version of your software I expect, that you fix the terrible slow startup time (on windows). "Loding fonts...". But it's not. —Thilo
  7. Are you kidding? I dont by a font manager because affinity photo is to silly to handle fonts. Man....
  8. Where is there solution??? We're waiting sooooo long.
  9. I've installed 1100 fonts. That's a normal amount, I think. The startup time for Aff Photo is around 2 minutes.
  10. no. in my scenario process monitor shows excessive font access.
  11. This isn't a solution! Photoshop start's in 10% auf the time. Keep on pushing!!!! No one needs a photo program if he have to delete fonts!
  12. Newest version. Still very long startup time. "loading fonts"... It's frustrating.
  13. I decreased the fonts to 200 - Affinity Photo startup time: 12 seconds with about 1000 fonts - Affinity Photo startup time: 29 seconds It's all slow. And now? Is there a debug log to see what's going on? :mellow:
  14. Core i7-4770 16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD - Samsung 850 Evo Font count comes later.
  15. Both tools - Designer and Photo - have very long startup times. 30 seconds and more. Please fix this quickly!
  16. Font selection dialog is very buggy in Designer for windows. :mellow: Crashing entire Designer instance.
  17. Both tools - Designer and Photo - have very long startup times. Please fix this!
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