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  1. Hi, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I can't find a reference. I have a 24pp document and I want to start the page numbering on page 3 (as the first and last 2 pages will be the cover). Is this possible?
  2. That will explain why my file size is so bloated on a 24 page document. The problem is that it makes the document really slow to work with and almost impossible to type text in. Any work around on this?
  3. Hey folks When I have inserted a text box onto a page I am having issues with navigating the text in the text box. The backspace key appears to insert a space and the cursor keys are inserting special characters.
  4. Not a problem - I'ld done that but was just checking. Great experience so far
  5. Hi, firstly amazing to see Publisher out now and good job Just trying to set up a couple of documents that I have previously done on PagePlus and I can't see one feature I used to make extensive use of. In PagePlus on the margins section of Publication Setup it was possible to to set up Columns and Rows - am I missing something obvious or is this yet to come?
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