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  1. no offense, but noone can explain to me, that flow of elements is not basic function for multiple-pages editor. In many cases other functions, even i NEED them for my workflow, i agree with you.
  2. truth, but what i like about affinity is complexity - from designer and photo to publisher. All in one suite solution. For desktop publishing and web design i dont need more. You cannot find same approach in QXP nor in other apps (as far i know), excpt. adobe.
  3. Mike, well, look at the development of designer. How soon you think there will be versions 2.x ? 1.5 - 1.6 took over year in designer, 1.7 isnt yet released...
  4. I agree. Still, anchoring is extremly basic functionality for dedicated professional multi - page layout software. Noone can explain me why its not there. Sorry. I would understand data merge (hard, but yes, its not basic for me, even when i really need it), arrows or other tiny things.
  5. Alfred, i think you missed the message by the way. "Not making clone" doesnt mean, its not competition that will replace the indesign. It means simply it will not be 1:1 with the functions, which i fully understand. Own strategy and own way of doing things, yes. Thats why i switched from illustrator to designer long time ago. And still, its not clone (and im happy for it).
  6. i dont need clone. Never said that. I need professional tool thats huge difference.
  7. "Serif - Professional creative software". Its statement on their pages. Its not fun free project. I must insist on what i said. At this stage its not suitable for professional work. (i mean, by the functions , not because it may fall / die / delete your data). To me its like betatesting car with square wheels. You CAN move forward. Yes. You can make rich publication, but when you change two sentences in the beginning, you have to manually move all the images, elements, tables etc. Fun in 50 pages publication with more than 100 images, icons. But, yes, you can. Another thing is, where i just simply dont understand it, Serif have long term development of other DTP products, like pagePlus. How its even possible they release (even to "beta") such incomplete version? When they know, how people work with their products? If you will start telling me that they may add the features... I asked about inserting objects into text, anchoring. Answer was - not in distant future, not in version 1.7 Too complicated. If this is true, serif didnt change their mind, and i didnt understood it wrong, than we have months, maybe year+ of development till first usable version for professional use. (.1 version in designer is 1y+ as far i follow the builds) I dont think that im insulting the dev team. Im very impressed by their work. They work hard. Im still thinking, that this project is needed as salt. Still, if there are not such basic things , its maybe alpha testing. really not beta testing of software for professional use.
  8. its more and more to me, as if you released (to beta testing) some pre-alfa version without tons of very needed functions for professionals. Well in my opinion, if you aim for multi page layout, this is must-have no matter what. Same, as the anchored images / objects, adding objects into the table, aswell anchored and data merge. Without these things its not much usable for larger professional work. This is not about whining or demanding things, its just that im a bit disappointed from the result, im waiting for over 2years. I hope that this software will one day replace the indesign, as i dont want to use it just because of adobe's philosophy. But sadly not today, and sadly, not in distant future
  9. Is there way to flow the table over more pages? like when i add one more row on page one and the last row, that would otherwise be out of the page, flows to page 2 ?
  10. Erm, well, maybe you missed one little thing im not from Serif...
  11. Well 001, DEMANDING something is not good towards software devs. Some functions are implemented, some are not, some are on todo list. Dan - that your wife is software engeneer is good to know. On the other hand, you dont have a clue how things work in SW DEV, as i read your posts. If you want to pay monthly fee to adobe, its your right and decision. But demanding something in FIRST beta release, well, i think that affinity will not miss your $50. It costs more to pay time for someone to react on your posts, and on coffee spent on healing the nerves... Have good day
  12. +100 to this. creating 50+pages documents. This is really killer feature. And not for few people, but for people who intend to use it in profession. If you change one sentence in middle of the document, you have to manually reposition all photos, images, icons. Omg. Either use end of page as workaround, or i have to kill myself in agony ... And, as i have few programmers under me, and im also programming, i dont really think simple anchoring in text is for months development... Dont want to be negative, just, please, give it priority, since this software is really great, but at the moment just for few-page documents without much graphics in it.
  13. +1 here... crucial thing for business cards and personalized wishes...
  14. ah found the settings. Somehow i missed the "relative To" column... Sorry for asking
  15. My question is, if there is a way to define a heading style, that will draw a line allower the paragraph size. At the moment, if i use decorations, the line is drawed only where is text. Another great possibility would be, if i can define the underline line margins to left and right, even in negative numbers. The result what i want to achieve is in attachment - the gray line is generated automaticky with the headline, and its over borders of text flow box, from side to side of the paper...
  16. Yepp, +1, im really greatful for first fair competition to adobe subscription.
  17. LOL 4 galons of Haagen Daz - definitelly sweetest post of the day!
  18. Shall we scream at creators, that people who buyed AD and AP together have to get a discount? or people that bought all the products from beginning? Omg. For ~50USD product? Price of these fine products (counting in AD and AP) are so low, that any graphic designer can make money on it in few hours. So why so much flame? Just shut up and take my money! Hope it will be soon ready for try/buy
  19. yea, have same problem with very small items. simple circle is awful....
  20. 2014 -> 2017 with no change on this simple task? So frustrating... +1
  21. yepp, it will tell you "new beta available for download". By the way, I worked all day with beta 82 without lag or freeze problem.
  22. ScootCoot - i would suggest trying new beta, its lot more stable. Only drawback is that you will not be able to open 1.6beta saves in 1.5.
  23. any E.T.A on this point? its there for a more than 1.5y and i dont think its so complex thing to be there for so long :-) to be honest, i would even pay some money for this feature.
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