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  1. Daminion 6.0 free version can have multiple catalogs containing up to 15000 images each and will show thumbnails of affinity files. Affinity files cannot be viewed in the built in viewer but will open Affinity on click. This is a full DAM and keeps multiple versions with revision checking. The free version will not operate over a network but a paid version will as well as having unlimited catalog size. You have to add the affinity file extensions to the choice of files to open. Excellent program for affinity users. Files can be tagged and categorized for large collections. Not many people seem to know about it. reen shot
  2. count me in. Without DXF input and export I wont be purchasing AD
  3. I have the same problem with a PenPower Picasso tablet on windows 10 - 64bit. I downloaded and reinstalled the latest driver and no luck. Tablet pressure has no effect and I made sure pressure is properly selected. Everything works fine using my Photoshop elements 9. Tablet also does not work in the Affinity Photo beta.