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  1. Wonderful! Thank you! GBrowser isn't a DAM - doesn't show metadata, doesn't show images in subfolders unless you navigate to the subfolder, etc. But it does a wonderful job of showing thumbnails of .afphoto files.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately for me, Daminion is Windows only, and I'm on a Mac. I see that Daminion 3 runs under Crossover, so it might be worth a try to see if Daminion 6 will run correctly. The free version would likely meet my needs. I've been using Photo Supreme trial, and it is very weak and dreadfully overpriced, so I'm glad to know about another possibility. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that Serif is setting themselves up as an Adobe alternative, but don't give (us) a DAM for .afphoto files. Lightroom functionality without the Develop mod
  3. It's an Epson P600. Good thought to update the driver. I don't use the app store version, which is more limited than the Epson.com version, and I may not have done it since I upgraded to Mohave.
  4. Thank you, Brad. That set of steps seems to work. Clumsy, but we make allowances for very young software. Hopefully they will simplify it in another release. Meanwhile it is a good candidate for a macro. I still have a problem with the "scale" function in the printer dialog. I got it to work a couple of times, but then no, it kept jumping back to 100% no matter how I tried to click away from the % dialog box. This is all without closing the print dialog. MacOS 10.14.5. - newbie susan
  5. I'm trying to switch from Adobe. I'm hung up on printing. What am I missing? I've a biggish photo. Document resize shows it as 19" square, 4948 pixels, at 180 DPI. I want to print on 8.5x11 paper with a fair amount of border. My Photoshop workflow for this is to go into document resize, set the view to inches, and with resample OFF change the DPI to see what I get. Then I decide from there what to do - let LR handle it, or resample the document. In Affinity Photo, Document resize *won't change the view* when I change the DPI. I see a post here that changing the DPI won't change anyth
  6. Thank you, smadell. Photo Supreme is another good find. I've downloaded the trial. At a first look, it appears adequate to my needs, though it is no replacement for Lightroom. But I can use it to managed my .afphoto files. Hopefully Serif will develop a DAM soon.
  7. THANK YOU. EVERYONE who helped. It was three settings: - In Affinity, turn on Save Thumbnails - In XnView, General/ Show all graphic files and Thumbnails/Use embedded thumbnails It is working now! Looks like I won't have to go back to Photoshop/Lightroom after all. - newbie susan
  8. Thanks, but no. I have Use embedded thumbnail set. There is discussion on the XnView forum that with Affinity Photo 1.7 thumbnails don't show any more; I was, and still am, hoping that you or someone here has got it working. Or that there is another workaround. - newbie susan
  9. It is not working for me. XnView MP MacOSX 0.93.1, Affinity Photo 1.7.1, MacOS 10.14.5. All I see for .afphoto files is the App icon. I am saving thumbnails; they show in Finder. How can I make it work? - newbie susan
  10. Thank you for the reference to XnView MP. I hadn't known about it. Now, how do I set my Mac version "right" to show me .afphoto thumbnails? They don't show (but are saved and they show in Finder). I don't see .afphoto listed in preferences/formats. - newbie susan
  11. I'm working at switching from Photoshop. But I'm stymied because once I have more than a few edited images, I don't see how to view my .afphoto files to decide which one I want to open into APhoto for further work. Does anyone have any suggestions? For now, rather than waiting for the Affinity DAM they say they maybe going to provide sometime in the future? Note that the DAM function I really, really need is not everything Lightroom does, just the Library module. Thanks, - newbie susan
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