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  1. I realized that various visualization problems: blurred interface text, name of the panels that do not appear immediately, graphic work display artifacts (I attach a screen) etc. all depend on the saturation of video memory, this happens for all Affinity programs, not just on Affinity Design. The solution is to change the resolution of the monitor, this immediately cleans the video, I use a program, for Mac, which is called: Easyres. Waiting for the resolution of the problem I hope this advice is useful to everyone. iMacPro macOS Big Sure 64 Gb RAM Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 Gb VRAM Affinity programs v. 1.10.4
  2. I am thinking if it can be considered a bug or in any case a design error...
  3. And even selecting text that has multiple colors, the display in the "color palette" will change according to the order of selection, this WILL NOT MAKE YOU NOTICE OF A POSSIBLE ERROR IN THE CASE OF VERY SIMILAR COLORS, this should be signaled with an alert symbol.
  4. Certainly GarryP, this happens for all properties and not just the text. If you select three rectangles: one without a border, one with a thin border and the last with a thick border, you will see, that depending on the selection order, the display of this property in the "color palette" will change and will not be correct.
  5. Currently, when I select more text, and this text is not all formatted equally (for example some characters is narrower etc.) The text attribute palette shows me that all the text selected has the same properties, this is wrong. This problem happens both with the selection of the text and with the selection of text boxes, both with the selection of other types of objects and forms, for text attributes and for color and trace attributes. For a correct display of multiple text properties, you should see a red bar or a alarm symbol (see image attached). This is very important for all affinity programs and in particular for Publishers.
  6. I think it would be useful to have a new parameter in preflight checking: if the text is 100% black or if it is cmyk.
  7. Simply add the commands to lock and unlock the levels with the contextual menu (right mouse button), in the canvans, for all desktop applications
  8. Delete a letter, delete all the text box Affinity Publisher 1.10.1 on MacOS 11.5.2
  9. How would the software do this? --> Programmers have to do it How would it know which text frames to “merge”? --> Simply the selected text frames How would it know in which order you want the text frames to be merged? --> In the order of selection (for example some software uses the selection order to evenly distribute the space between elements)
  10. The connection between the fields can be a solution, but first I have to create it for all the fields and then I have to destroy it, then I have to delete all the remaining empty fields, if there was a function that makes the merge and eliminate the empty fields would save time . If affinity make a macro or scripting system, maybe you could realize it yourself
  11. I will try to explain it with an example: if you have many formatted text fields and you have to get together in one, due to change of layout, you need to make a lot of copy and paste, if there was a function that allows you to join the content in the one selected, It would save time. I hope I was clear.
  12. The ability to combine content two or more text fields, could be a useful feature in Affinity Publisher.
  13. Hi Lorox some printers say as a color profile they use, no others, so maybe it's better not to integrate it. Regards
  14. Hello I don't know if the information can be useful but if you don't select the "embed profiles" check box, the pdf export keeps the black at 100% Regards
  15. Hello I don't know if the information can be useful but if you don't select the "embed profiles" check box, the pdf export keeps the black at 100% Regards
  16. Hello if the "embed profiles" check box is not selected, the pdf export keeps the black at 100% Regards
  17. Hello if the "embed profiles" check box is not selected, the pdf export keeps the black at 100% Regards
  18. Thanks Walt, I didn't realize it! There is always something to learn! Regards Sandro
  19. This is a simple request: a checkbox to select when exporting in vector formats (PDF -SVG), to automatically convert text levels to paths. In some cases it may be useful. In all suite programs. Regards
  20. I agree with the request for several languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese etc. for the whole product suite. Now that Affinity Publisher has been introduced, it's a must. I hope with 1.8 version this request is finally implemented.
  21. In addition to opening idml files, exporting to this format would be very useful. Many companies require source files in idml.
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