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  1. Hi Thomaso, Thank you so much for your long and clear explanation which I appreciate so much. Please, accept my apology for replying so late but for some reason, I did not notice your reply. Honestly, there is no excuse and believe me, I do appreciate your help so much. A few weeks ago I ordered the Publisher Workbook and will follow the tutorials to learn more about Publisher. I had to finish the particular project fast with a tight deadline, so I assumed too much. Thank you again for your useful advice. Wish you a nice day and all the best. Chris
  2. Remember, that Publisher is fairly new on the market and I agree with you, it has its limitations. But it is improving I am sure. I agree with the others, using masterpages will solve your problem. It is very important to understand how masterpages work. So I should start there. Publisher is a layout application, not a wordprocessor. This is a very important difference because when you set or change margins in a wordprocessor, your text into that section or page range is affected. In layout applications, if you have a visible margin it is only for visualising them, they do not affect your text when changing them. A few months ago I experimented with Publisher but decided to temporarily change to another layout application because it had some glitches. Nevertheless, don't dismiss Publisher because it will become better.
  3. When I try to upgrade from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6 it is asking to fix or uninstall. I choose fix after which the installer is fixing. However, when I try to use Publisher it crashes after placing an Artistic text and type its contents. Without a warning, Publisher closes unexpectedly. I will wait until the 1.9 version. Chris
  4. I also pre-ordered mine. I have the Designer and Photo workbook and they are both excellent!
  5. There are different font installed on your girlfriend's computer than yours. If you want the same fonts, you have to download and install them. Not a big deal, search Google fonts to download and install them. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello Thomaso, Thank you so much for your detailed and clear explanation which helped me greatly in understanding the Publisher way of handling styles. I expected that the "BaseStyle" I created, would have left the values I did not change to 0 even when it was based unintentionally on "No Style". When I am using CSS, the first thing I do is a CSS-reset. Then from there on, I start defining my own parameters for the tags I use. With the "BaseStyle" it was my intention to do kind of the same but I failed because one parameter (space after in paragraphs) was still set by the "No Style" style. Without your detailed explanation I would succeed in getting it right, however without truly understanding what I am doing. Now I see and understand where my thinking was wrong. Whatever application I use, I always have a "basestyle" where all my other styles are based on. I only put the common used formatting in that "basestyle". Then I move on with styles like "intro's" or "bodies" where I only change those values which need to be different. I will create a document with a "BaseStyle" present, which put all values to "0" or the standard values I use most. Then I will import this "BaseStyle" with every document I create. In this way, I know for sure which values I have to set or change. Thank you again for helping me. Wish you a very nice day and all the best. Chris
  7. Thank you Walt Farrell and Thomaso, I appreciate your input very much. I included the file but it seems to get lost after edit. I do not know what I did. To be fair, I include the document with this reply again. But Thomaso is correct, it was the spacing after a paragraph inside the paragraph tab which was responsible. It was set to 12pt but I did not set that value. Affinity Publisher for some reason put the value of that field to 12. Something else which puzzles me is that in the paragraph styles I used that value was 0. Still Publisher took the value of 12 from the paragraph tab instead of those values specified in the text styles. I taught a defined style has precedence over those values in the paragraph tab. Clearly not. My advice is if you experience such kind of strange things, look into the tab panels to check the values there. In my case, it was the paragraph tab but I can imagine that the same can happen with the character tab. Wish you both a very nice day and all the best! Chris 202011_01.afpub
  8. Hi everybody, Can you please help me with the following problem in Affinity Publisher for Windows? I have a text frame and a text baseline grid of 18 pt. Leading is also 18 pt and there is no space between two paragraphs. All the text is aligned to the baseline grid. The text is nicely in register with the baseline. However, I have an intro line and then the accompanion introducing the content of the text below it. So intro text and the text directly below are separate paragraphs. There is always an empty line in between. It is like the intro text is too big, but it is not. The intro text is the same height as the other text. I am searching for hours now to find what I do wrong but I cannot find it. I attach the file with this post so you can see. Please, can you tell me what is going wrong here? I will appreciate your help very much because I am completely stuck. Thank you in advance. Chris
  9. Publisher does not create epub's so cannot be used to create reflowable ebooks. If it is your intend to create PDF's, it is fine.
  10. You can shoot yourself or you can export your .ppp files to PDF or you can download the PagePlus setup file again. But as I understand it, you do no longer have the PagePlus setup file and license key. If I remember correctly, your license keys are in your Serif account. I think you can also download PagePlus from your account but here it is possible I am mixing things up. However, if you cannot download from your account, contact Serif and I am sure they will find a way so you can install PagePlus again. I searched and found two links for getting your legacy downloads and license keys : For your product key : https://www.serif.com/legacy/product-keys/ For your downloads : https://www.serif.com/legacy/downloads/ and older ones are here https://community.serif.com/forum/customer-services/4872/downloading-legacy-products Serif was very clear from the very beginning, that those legacy software would not (never) be supported. I agree that this can be a very big problem but it is what it is and we have to accept that. In my opinion keep working with those legacy software is asking for trouble. I wish there was a magic formula but I am afraid there is none. Keep an open mind and look for ways around the problem. Chris
  11. Personally, I have no problems with the icons in the Affinity applications. Maybe wearing glasses for reading can help solving the problem for those having difficulty? Bigger icons mean less space for your work area. I use a HDMI 28" monitor with its resolution twice as much as the graphics card in my laptop. If I compare the 15.6" screen with the external monitor, the latter is indeed nice to use because of the bigger work area. Also the dark theme is better and more relaxed to the eyes than the light one. When I see the user interface in the Affinity applications, if those icons get bigger, how much working space will be sacrificed? Especially on laptops this will become problematic. Chris
  12. This is indeed a Windows issue. When I want to remove a program, I have a lot of problems because Windows is refusing. What I do is restart again and when asked, agree with forcing a restart. After that I can remove the remaining files. Serif has nothing to do with your problem. You should turn to Microsoft. I agree that your behaviour here is very rude and I wonder if you would talk face to face if you will say the same. If I where you, I would apologize for the very strong wording.
  13. Hi all, Maybe it is strange that I post this subject here, but I like to share some information about the Kyocera p5026cdw color lasterprinter. The cdw extension means that Wi-fi is an option with this printer. However, I advise strongly against it. It took my two days and still I did not succeed in setting up the Wi-fi. Even with all information correct, it didn't work. Especially when your network strength is weak, the printer will not be recognized. Connecting it to a wired LAN router, is piece of cake. Also the transmissionspeed is higher than wireless or Wi-fi. Connect the printer to the router with an ethernet cable, run the Setup CD and you are ready to go. I bought this printer because in the specifications on the website it mentioned "borderless" printing. However, this is not true. There are borders of 4,2 to 4,4 mm around the page. So there is a very small printermargin in which you cannot print. About the print quality, I did not test it completely but from what I already saw, I am very satisfied about print quality. Text is sharp and crisp and still readable by small point sizes like 7 pt. But like I have said, I did not test it completely. I have to print more different kind of documents before I can say more. All in all, I find it a good printer in comparision with the price. In case you want to add something, feel free to do so. Chris
  14. @poldendave, I am truly sorry I gave you the wrong impression. My remark was surely not towards you or the other posters but to the one who originally created the title of this thread. I found the title unfair and that is what I wanted to say. Despite the fact I do not agree with the title of this thread, I have to respect the opinion of the original poster which was frustrated because of this problem. Nevertheless, you, the other forum members and even the original poster are valuable community members for me. In case I offended anybody with that remark, I sincerely want to apologize. It was not my intention. Chris
  15. The whole Affinity suite runs fine here on my 11 year old Windows 7 laptop and my brand new Acer Aspire laptop with Windows 10. I do not believe Serif just took your money and then dropped out when having a problem because that is not the way they work. I can understand your disappointment but that does not give you the right using such harsh wording in your title. Their staff members do what they can to help you, please show a bit more respect. I install a new system from scratch every year in the two last years. Before, I ran the same system for 5 years giving me a lot of problems. Despite the problems, I got everything worked but on the price of spending a lot of time solving those problems. It is much more beneficial spending a few days a year installing a clean system than struggling with a bits and pieces crappy system. You do not have to be a computer expert to make a clean install, only being prepared, take a backup from everything on your hard disk and watch some Youtube tutorials for the system you want to re-install. By the way, can you remember when you last made a clean install? Chris
  16. Another very good tutorial is "Learn to Use the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer (Any Version)" from Isabel Aracama. This will teach you the ins and outs of the pen tool. You can find this tutorial at "Skillshare.com". Good luck! Chris
  17. Publisher is not the best tool for creating Kindle or epub ebooks. Also converting an PDF to Kindle/epub is not without problems. The problem is that PDF is a fixed format while Kindle Mobi/epub is a reflowable format. I think you better use a epub/kindle application (I am using Jutoh) and copy your PDF content into this application. Then create your Kindle/epub file from that application. Make sure you do not have too much direct formatting in your publication. Publisher is designed for print publications not epub/Kindle. I love the Affinity suit like you do, but for ebooks I use Jutoh a dedicated ebook creation application which delivers clean Kindle/epub files. Hope this helps. Chris
  18. The PDF format is a fixed format which when imported in epub creation software (I use Jutoh) remain fixed. I just did a quick test by opening a correct PDF document into Jutoh. It needs Calibre to successfully import a PDF and its layout is still fixed. That means that your generated epub will still behave like a PDF on an ereader. Honestly, I think Affinity Publisher is not a good choice for creating epubs/kindle ebooks. Also, it is not designed for that purpose. A dedicated ebook creation program like Jutoh, does a far better job. Also another benefit of Jutoh is that it generates very clean epub/kindle files. It also warns you when it finds "direct" formatting in your document which should be avoided as much as possible. Layout for ebooks is very much different from printed publications, even PDF. PDF is a fixed format which when used as a base for ebook files, ends in poor results. Converting your Publisher document to ebook will give you much more work and disappointing results.
  19. I created a screencapture in Faststone Screencapture from your post here (icon and text), pasted to Affinity Photo. Then I selected the move tool, resized it by dragging the handles and everything works fine. I can do this as many times as I want. Maybe this is a bug which under certain circumstances appear and you should report it to Serif?
  20. Hi Rick G, An epub needs a reflowable layout. To my knowledge, when converting a PDF to epub, the layout remains fixed. Is this also true with the solution you suggested? Thank you in advance. Chris
  21. To make my point clearer imaging there are hundreds of instances of the word "We" and lets assume the kerning has to be changed for all these words. When we can setup an application wide table with adjusted kerning values for a particular pair in the font, overtime this will result in a nice kerning table which Designer (or the other Affinity programs) can use to automaticly adjust the kerning. I agree that this preferably should be done in the font itself. However, when that is not possible, correcting in the Affinity suite should be excellent. Chris
  22. Hi all, Using "alt" together with "Left" or "Right arrow keys, change the kerning when placing the text cursor between letter pairs. When you use "alt" together with "shift" and the "Left" or "Right" arrow keys, you almost double the kerning. You can do the same for the "Leading" with the "alt" and "Left" or "Right" arrow key together. Raise the question, that kerning is not better done in the font itself? Imagine you do not need to kern only one pair but that there are several occasions in your document. Maybe a feature request for kerning tables inside Designer itself where we can set kerning for pairs used over the whole document would be an interesting request. Chris
  23. Hello MEB, Thank you so much for your help which solved my problem. For my second problem I did not switched on "Move by whole pixel" which was causing the 1 pixel problem. This is something I will never forget any more. Have a nice day and all the best! Chris
  24. Hi all, Can you please help me with the two following problems? 1. In my drawing over 4 different artboards there are 200 individual objects like squares, rectangles, triangles in several different colors. Now I want to export all those objects to PNG format. But each object must be in its own PNG file. So not all 200 objects in 1 big PNG file. I tried the export persona, followed a thread about exporting, but I cannot get the results I wanted. So how can I export all those separate objects in one time to individual PNG files? 2. The dimensions of those objects are 32 x 32 pixels, or 32 x 64 pixels, or 64 x 64 pixels. However when I export an object and select "Selection without background", there is 1 pixel added. So a square of 32 x 32 becomes 33 x 33. I did not set any lines around the object. Also for the objects itself I checked, there is no line thickness. What am I doing wrong? Thank you very much for your help which is much appreciated. Chris
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