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  1. bph

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.7.0

    Just opened both Designer and photo on my IPad and the updates have been done automatically
  2. bph

    Booklet option

    Just a thought, have you downloaded the latest beta ?
  3. bph

    Booklet option

    Forgot to mention, dont chage your printer setup other than print quality and similar, just print with A Pub settings.
  4. bph

    Booklet option

    Managed it at long last. Have just printed out an 8 page booklet. Start New Document, size A5, facing pages. Make 8 pages (see screenshot). Go to Print - Set doc page size as A4 - double sided - flip on short side. Click on print and out came 2 sheets of Af landscape, printed double sided with the pages in correct order !
  5. bph

    Booklet option

    I know how you feel, I have been struggling with this for ages. Surely there is a way within the program to do exactly what we require. It is a basic requirement, whether it be a 4 page or 16 page book;et or whatever number of pages, it should be an automatic function to achieve this. I hope the developers are paying attention to this.
  6. Can we please have an easily understood and practical method of printing a booklet. One which will collate the pages in booklet order etc. It can be done under Adobe Reader.............why not in AP ?
  7. bph

    Booklet option

    Why oh why is it so darned difficult to print a booklet, I would love to see a tutorial on this. Surely technology can achieve this task !!
  8. Have recently purchased Filter Forge 6. It runs fine in Photoshop CC, it is also listed as a plugin in Affinity Photo. It will open in AF and I can edit a photo and the filter is applied on screen within FF6. However, when I click on the apply button, the Filter Forge screen closes and just leaves me with my original photo in AF. All works fine up to that point. Has anyone any suggestions as to why it is not working properly ?
  9. Hi Carl. Thanks for the reply, it was my fault. The scroll bar is appearing as I open more "tick" boxes / options. .
  10. When I go into the develop persona, the vertical scroll bar on the right hand side is not visible/ accessable. However If I click on the reduce window size button I can see it is there and can use it. But when I go back into full window view the scroll bar is not visible. This obviously does not allow me to use the tools.Can anyone assist please ?
  11. Are you intending to do so at some stage ?
  12. Is it possible to load a Photoshop ATN file into Affinity Photo, if so how ?
  13. Have tried a number of such templates and whilst they will open, they will not edit. So as far as I can see the answer is no.
  14. Thanks very much to you both. This has worked fine. Do I follow the same procedure for other plugins ?
  15. Hi. The plugins are in: C: Prog Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5/Plugins. Not sure what you mean by "Photoshop Plugins preferences"