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  1. offtop.. my new workflow with Affinity Photo Stitching and finalizing 360 panorama (approx. 5 min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkwfesSYvX4
  2. www.astanacapital.com

  3. I think that the - the availability of such a tool, will only increase the status of Affinity Photo.
  4. Paolo Bravo!!! I take my hat off ... B) however, I want to note... that your method shown me - much lower winnings for highly complex tasks. Also, there is nothing wrong if this Transparency tool appear in the Affinity Photo's toolset. This is an additional argument vs. Photoshop etc. for choosing a very nice product at a nice price... *I first became interested in this product because - I panoramic photographer (there are a lot of interesting features for me) It is a promising future for this product
  5. Hi paolo.limoncelli! Create a vector rectangle........ fill it with the gradient tool.... Drag it to the side of your pixel layer..... - this is the quickest method :D I talk - too much "hand movement" :) See my workflow on YouTube
  6. Hi, Alfred! This is my workflow - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j2AmcsWtOk If you make this patch quickly (less than 3 minutes), with masks or other tools, I am ready to take back his opinion... Source - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByDwQeFQVbovTHVxUjB6QVpFM2c/view?usp=sharing Result on Google Maps - https://goo.gl/maps/YrLPoC4UNdK2 *I repeated work process on video today, special for you (there's a little bit not ideal)
  7. I would be very happy if this Transparency tool would be introduced in Affinity Photo toolset, which is currently available in Affinity Designer allows work with Pixel layer partially changing its transparency. With working with internal partial layers, which have been selected from base texture. This will be a unique feature of this powerful software! Thnx :)
  8. Hi MEB! I downloaded and tested the Affinity Designer.. this feature works fine .. but it is available for import layer. If i selection some area from BG layer (with Pixel Persona) copy and paste like new layer, this feature is not available (in attach). I would very much like to be available this powerful 'Transparency' tool in toolset of Affinity Photo... :)
  9. After set layer to Live Projection (equirectangular) and return to normal flat view (remove projection) image quality is falling. See example - before and after - https://goo.gl/photos/sT1yv4yA85m4SaZu9 I think when converting of projection 'back and forth' used weak interpolator
  10. Your described method is "heavy"... same as a Photoshop. In Corel Photo-Paint it is done with a single hand motion, as is the case with a vector rectangle... Thank you
  11. MEB, I panoramic photographer (360), this method using a patch when poorly stitching some sources. In this case, the task was to copy a part of a good texture of the door and put it on an unsuccessful area with a part smooth translucency...
  12. Ah :/ I posted not quite clear visual example need raster element for accuracy patch
  13. Fixx, MEB - thnx!!! Fixx, this is what is required, but where to find into tools? Sorry, I cannot parse...
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