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  1. Hi again! I'm doing quite a lot of work with SVG and paperjs! :) Here's the bug: if I import a svg with hidden layers (visibility="hidden"), those will still be shown when opening the file. I tested it in AD and AI and AI hides the layers (as it should be). This should be an easy fix, but it can be very useful when working with complex svgs (and it's another small step in leaning away from Illustrator)! :D I attached a svg file for proof, if you open it in AI you'll see that some layers are hidden. Thanks test.svg
  2. Thanks for the quick answer! The scaling issue: it's strange, it doesn't always happen. I pasted a 57.5x19.4mm layer into a 60x30cm document and it maintained the size. Then I pasted the same layer in a 215.9x169.8mm doc and it got scaled to 239.8x80.9mm . Regarding the default unit, I always launch new documents in cm, yet if I open a file its measures are in px. I tried with a bunch of .svg files, I don't know if this happens also with .afdesign files (which I think should have the unit measure embedded in the file). Also, I'd love to globally set (stroke width, transform, etc..) my unit measure to be cm or mm, for example. :)
  3. [ macOS El Capitan 10.11.6, Affinity Designer 1.5.4 ] Hi guys! I've been working quite extensively with AD, testing it for producing artworks for a small laser cutting business I own. And I must thank you since I managed to replace AI for 80% of the time! (on the computer which controls the machine I have only installed AD) But there are some bugs that I find here and then. :D Here's one: I created the attached file by code (example.svg), using the makerjs library and spitting out an svg with precise cm dimensions (as needed for laser cutting). When I open it in AI, the size is fine (3x3cm total), when I open it in AD, it's 3x3px. Am I doing something wrong? :huh: Thanks PS: I also must say that when copying a layer from AD and pasting it in another AD document it doesn't maintain the scale. PPS: Is there a way to the Affinity to works always in cm as default? example.svg
  4. Great post! I love the approach. I come from Maya and Cinema4d a lot of the tools you suggested are already there, so I think the 2d world needs to catch up. I use AD mostly to draw vector files to be laser cutted on various materials. Windows and Layers generally for me are not annoying. Curves. I totally dig the idea of having more control over the curves, also, I'd like a way to modify a tangent and have the other tangent to mirror the behaviour of the first. So, whichever tangent I modify, they'll always be mirrored. Improved welding tools would be great, too (the ability to paint on n vertices and have them welded, like ai). Another useful thing could be merging: I pick 10 vertices and I want to merge them to a single one to their center. Plugins This would be awesome. Give us the APIs, give us JS and Python as choices, and you will se how many plugins start to grow in a very short time. This could also open the way to all artists working with coding (I'm not an artist but I love working with code for creating generative works). Cloners Oooh, I need this so bad. In Maya I can draw with curves and have them mirrored as I modify them. So I can draw half of a face seen from front and visualise all the face (right half, left half) as I draw. This would really be a killer feature, since you could create lots of different patterns by mirroring not just left and right of the current canvas, but also top and bottom. Parametric Pure awesomeness. But probably too much for AD. I use Fusion360 often and it's one of its features that I appreciate most. Maybe having some constraints would help (EG: set the minimum distance between to curves or to points, so that when you move one you move also the other). Simulation Cool, but not on top of my list.
  5. Any news on that from some moderator? ETA? I would really love some the possibility of creating generative vector art. JS would be a good choice, I think! You could be really REALLY appealing to all people coming from Processing or P5JS or other code frameworks for artists. I've seen iDraw and I think I will buy it just for trying it's scripting features. :)
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