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  1. Thanks! I have Revo Pro, too, but wasn't sure I would need to use it. I will look into the link you provided.
  2. If you have a Word file, try re-saving it as an RTF instead and use that to fill your Publisher document. Docx inserts a lot of formatting. I never use it (sorry Microsoft!) because it is nightmare when combining multiple documents from different sources. I actually use plain txt files a lot since I need to impose uniform formatting throughout my newly created publication with text coming from multiple authors using different software and formatting.
  3. When I installed Affinity Photo on a my Win 10 computer, I made some sort of error. The computer has a small SSD C: drive, so I am installing programs on the D: drive. Somehow, Photo did not install inside of a discrete "Affinity" folder (Publisher install worked fine) but rather has separate folders all over the mail Programs folder. I believe they are mostly language folders. If I uninstall, I assume those sub folders will be removed. Am I correct? I think I need to uninstall and reinstall. The program works fine--right now--but since there is an update, seems like a good time to
  4. Do I need to uninstall the beta version before installing the version just released?
  5. Thanks. I was able to log in to my existing account and download the bonuses and was glad to see instructions included. Won’t get to read the instructions and test it all out until this weekend. Appreciate the help and advice!
  6. Thanks, Obtusity. I am always afraid I will break something if there is something I don’t know. I will try all this out tomorrow when my brain is fresh. And post my “results” in case that will help others.
  7. Thanks MEB. I’m kind of an iPad noob—if I download these files, where do they get stored and what do I do with them then? I saw the part about unpacking them by getting another free app (unzipper? type app?). I think I can figure that out. Maybe. But, not sure where the files will be once I download them to my iPad. Or, should I download them to my computer first? Sorry for the dumb question. This part is all new to me. I do not use iCloud, but I do use Dropbox if it makes a difference. Very confused.
  8. Hi, MEB. My situation is different. I have an existing Affinity account for my purchase of AP for Windows. I use a different email address for the App store, which is how I purchased AP for iPad. Do I need to create a second account using the same email address I used to purchase the iPad version in order to obtain the bonuses? I checked and the iPad AP purchase does not show up in the account created for the Windows version. I do have the AP for iPad purchase (invoice) info though. Sorry if that is confusing.
  9. Yup. That's why I answered. Plus, I had trouble finding a way to do it awhile back. Glad I could provide useful info.
  10. On the projects page, click (touch) the 3 little lines in the bottom right corner of that project and you are presented with a short list including a delete option.HTH.
  11. AppStore shows the 1.6.7 version with a date of "5 months ago." Is that maybe an issue? My App list shows Photo updated two days ago, but it is still version 1.6.5.
  12. Months late, but I finally checked back into the forums. Did not have an iPad before, but now I do so this PDF is fabulous. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. OK. What does that mean? I'm confused. Does it mean that I can only export or share--that is, not store in Photos on my iPad--a jpeg or other file format, but I can save an .aphoto file on the iPad? Seems like we should be able to choose Photos app as a "location."
  14. Would like to be able to save the edited photo back to Photos app on iPad. Whether that is done by Save a Copyor by Exporting. Not interested in uploading to any cloud service and it is very annoying that those seem to be the only choices. Also, place the filename/rename slot higher in that window--the keyboard covers it up on the iPad 9.7 otherwise. Thanks.
  15. My fav screen capture tool--if you have a copy since Google doesn't have it up for download anymore--is Picasa.
  16. Clicking back and forth in the Help files and having to reopen the menu constantly is not a handy way to learn. A linear, downloadable PDF compilation of the Help files would be much appreciated.
  17. Thanks tacua and LeiniLive--and MEB--for the directions. That's all I needed and now the Nik plugins show up in AP. I haven't tried to use them within the program yet.
  18. For those of us who never used Photoshop (not for 20 years anyway) can someone explain how to install the NIK plugins. I could not find anything in the Help files. Program itself installed fine and seems to be working fine on a Win 7 laptop that has not been updated since MS started shoving Win10 onto everyone's computer without permission.
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