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  1. Just watched the Supermoon tutorial and submit my effort. I notice that you take a whole sequence of photos and process them into a single image. I did not have this foresight. I took a wide angle shot to get the feeling of the Moon in the sky. Then I zoomed in on the Moon to get the detail. I copied and pasted the zoomed image into a new layer and I found it remarkably easy to adjust the size of the new layer to match the size of the Moon on the background layer. Incidentally, this was taken on the Tuesday morning. Cumbria was clouded out Monday night.
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    I am trying out Affinity Photo's panorama feature and it crashed several times (crash report sent to Serif). I am not using pictures but a scanned chart that is too big to scan in one go. Normally I would use your Stitch and Scan software but wanted to see how Affinity would handle it. At first I tried lots of scans of several rows and columns and when it crashed I thought I was asking too much of the software, but then I tried to stitch two scans together that would combine a left and right page into a single page. There was plenty of overlap and Stitch and Scan would have handled it. I hope you are able to solve this problem as it would make Affinity a more versatile program instead of having to use two different apps.
  3. I agree. I am working my way through them all. Thanks again Serif.
  4. I am having a problem using the Vector Crop Tool. I am using Affinity Designer version but I had the same problem with the Beta version. On the tool bar I am seeing "Move to Back", "Back One", "Forward One" . "Move to Front", and "Convert to Curves". This seems like the tool bar for layers rather than the Vector Crop Tool and the screen does not look like the one in your tutorial. When I try to do a crop the image moves with the mouse leaving behind a transparent part of the new image. What should I do? - Geoffrey Lindop

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