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  1. Hi, I just opened some older file and now it looks like some kind of issue with high pass layer. With it enabled, it looks like this. This is how it looked before (exported):
  2. Working on the highlighted layer, use Healing Brush tool, with Aligned and Use current Layer and Below. I have to do some adjuctments, like trying to fix some spots on the face and then try to save to have AP lock up. Edit: added file size for you to check.
  3. Yes, ofc, but it's 1,1GB so can you send me a dropbox link or something?
  4. I got it to hung a few times today, also, noticed there's some canvas rendering corruption happening from time to time. Update: I have a file that keeps on locking AP on save with a simple reproduction scenario. I even updated GFX drivers and restarted Windows to check if id does hang AP and it does.
  5. Hi, 'simple' idea, why not add an before/after like in some tools, but for some point in time. We already have undo brush source, so maybe allow for split before after in this source is selected?
  6. Ok, so I was working on a photo, and all was well, until I removed a bunch of layers (merged earlier), and tried to save, then AP stopped working again on save. Thou I don't believe it's specific set of actions that leads to this, just that I did some actions and then try to save. I did the removal of the layers again and now it saved. ps. Besides the CPU and OS change, what changed was the RAM usage limit and Disk usage (from 8gb and 2000mb, respectively).
  7. Ok, I was hoping to have it done later but I had to (long story short, deleting partitions does not work well with LILO, even if these are unused) upgrade my PC, so I'll be posting different results now. I will however see if I can get this issue to reproduce. If so, I'll address this issue again.
  8. Unfortunately, I can't see any specific scenario, just have to save after any number of changes and it hangs, 50% of the time at least. If I had access to some debug symbols or debugger (with rudimentary instructions how to attach to the hung process) I might have fins where it happens at least. btw. do you have any progress on that corrupted saves I reported here: ( I feel there might be some connection here) ps. why were unclosed issues moved to archive?
  9. Unfortunately there's no dump that I can see, no crash, AP simply locks down/freezes. Maybe it's an off-shot of that issue with badly saved files that's still not corrected?
  10. AP seems to hung on save when using HW acceleration. This happens ~50% of the time I try to save.
  11. Fun fact, if someone has issues with openCL, you can ask them to delete the file and install the drivers again or at least verify the vendor/certificate in this signed DLL. (I'm running nvidia, but had a file signed by AMD). (apparently running nvidai installer will not overwrite opencl.dll if it's present)
  12. Ok, did some poking, this opencl.ddll is from an older card I had installed previously on my machine. Strange, givent that nvidia claims OpenCL 1.2 compatibility. I'll reinstall my drivers to see if it helps.
  13. Hi, @Mark Ingram, I have a rather new card (GTX 970, it's 5 y.o. iirc), and I do have that DLL present. Yet, I don't see AP support HW acceleration for me. Any ideas?
  14. Dayum! NVidia does not like OpenCL that much and I'm stuck at 1.1 as far as I saw :c
  15. Hopefully the devs can figure this out. My guess is somewhere in memory usage.
  16. @Gabe done, to the same dropbox @Chris B provided earlier.
  17. @Chris B, @Gabe, this is frustrating. I'm trying to do the recovery method, but with this file, every time I try to save 'recovered' file, I get the same error that the file is corrupted after the saving finishes >:c
  18. @Chris B Got another one, you want me to upload it too? How's the progress on a fix?
  19. Hi, two simple suggestions: Decouple the "Load LUT..." open file dialog from export dialog in export persona. Opening in one, changes "Export slice to..." location. Add some sort of interface so I can put all my LUTs in one directory/directory tree and easily switch between them. Bonus points for ability to mark my favorites. Might as well work as some kind of import mechanism, as long as they are easily accessible and switchable. "Open file" dialog is def not this.
  20. Create new image Activate crop tool Hold left arrow, crop area moves and each pixel leaves an entry in history These entries should probably be merged, at least, from key_down to key_up
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