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  1. That comment about FB group seems very strange...
  2. Hi, is it possible to use fill layer as mask for a curves layer? Or otherwise how can I use gradient tool to have a easliy modifialbe mask for a curves layer? If I use gradient tool and switch I have to set it all up again. Cheers!
  3. Hi, please add a button to select complimentary color for split toning (ie. an arrow up and down to select complimentary color for the other color). Stage two could add buttons to cycle the other sets of color (ie, if I select triadic colors it would cycle the two matching colors for my active one). Thanks.
  4. But, if I uninstall and reinstall will it not see the license? (key/email pair)
  5. Hi, another license question, maybe this time someone will answer me Is it possible to revoke a license from a PC (windows)? Say I want to sell a PC (or return it, or anything), and I don't want to reset/format it, but I have my AP/AD license on it, how can I do this?
  6. Regarding export persona/prefixes. This is my example setup, I use it to export works I prepared for IG. Resizes the fiel to 1024px on longer side, and exports three times, with different resizing options. All in one button. This took a bit of time, but now I have single preset and single button export. Bonus, I do iterate in my filenames, so it also remebers my last iteration (ie. img_1, img_1_1, img_2) and I just need to update the value here.. You can see I added suffixes to export: Here you can see the resizing options: And here are the export presets:
  7. Basically that's where my issues steam from. I may have it on two computers in the houshold, but can I be running these two copies at once? That wording in the license is unclear to me.
  8. Hi, if I have AP on two PCs I own, and I run one copy and anyone and runs a second copy at same time, is this permissible according to the license?
  9. For this I use Export Persona, that gives you much more flexibility in how you export.
  10. The only way I found out for now is to have an AP file with the preset applied to it's export settings, and opening it in another app(beta) then saving this preset from that opened file. Cumbersome.
  11. FYI, this is how on of my presets looks, notice the names have suffixes and different export options. Also, do a tutorial movie about this.
  12. Hi, I have a number of export presets that I use in regular work (resize, resampling methods, etc.) and wnted to a)backup them (spent some time on tuning these), b)export them to AP Beta (to verify some functionalities). unfortunately, either I'm blind, or I can't find a way to do this. I have bot apps open and I tired copying to/from clipboard but to no avail. Anyone had the same problem, or is it his simply not possible for now?
  13. I'd say a better editor would do the stuff most of the time, pause a script, add steps, move order of steps, save back.
  14. Also, this could be a overhaul of other "problematic" interfaces like export presets (again, updating or such is tedious).
  15. No worries, this is mostly a workaround.
  16. Like, if I edit a macro I could at least select an old macro to overwrite.
  17. Yeah, that's the thing I'm doing now. But when I Edit a macro, I'd like to save back in the the same macro, not create a new one.
  18. This is especially annoying as I'm updating two similar macros at one time.
  19. Hi, is there a easy way to update a macro, I was able to edit the one I have but now I can't save back into it easily. I can add the updated macro to the library, but I can't choose my old from the list or anything so it's like adding a new one my only option? More confusing is that these can have the same name and I can see which is which by the number of steps.
  20. That's a workaround, I'll give it a shot for now. But a modifier would be more intuitive I guess in some cases.
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