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  1. A duplicate function would be great. I use it every time in AI. I dream of a duplicate function with a group function. In AI, it doesn't exist. You duplicate several times the same shape and you must after select them by hand to group them. Boring...
  2. Independent round corner is not a priority for me. I've AI CS4, it's enough for most of my works (rounded corners are in special effects). You can round a corner in cinema 4d (a 3D app) for ten years ago... Adobe don't care what anyone thinks. I prefer a powerful vector tool, ability to draw horizontal and vertical lines easily, that is the basis before all the rest.
  3. Beta-spline like in cinema 4d can be an option. Most of tools in c4d about splines are very good. Don't like the way to cut a spline however. If they can get inspiration with c4d : - easy to know the start point of the spline and his direction - several interpolation (linear, bezier, akima, cubic, beta-spline). You can mix linear and bezier. You can change interpolation at any time. - close, unclose a spline by a simple click - change the start point idem - chamfer one or several points (linear or circular) - align points - offset spline - get rounded some points (a way to simplify a curve sometimes)
  4. It's a vital function for me. I use it all the time. When you draw dials for watches, this is THE function !
  5. French 3D with Cinema4D & Moi3D 2D with Adobe Designer CS4 I'm using Illustrator since Illustrator 3. What I like in Illustrator : bezier curves, precision and basic tools (scale & deformation, rotate, move, duplicate, select tools, mask, patterns). A lot of tools are ridiculous and I never use its. Some of tools are good but could be better : gradient (cinema 4D has a very good gradient shader. Many types, easy to add colors with precision, many interpolations between colors, noise), effects (too much memory required), text on path is getting worth version after version. What I hate : 32bits version (don't know about CC) crashes very often with huge files (imported pictures, multi-effects on shapes), no instances (master shape and clone shapes), no dimensioning tool (like plug Hot Door) and the new marketing politic. I don't want to be a gogo. I hope Affinity would be an Illustrator killer. First impressions are very positive : historic, snapping, effects on shapes, transform menu, layer effects, brushes with complex objects. Interface is very clear and easy to understand. Some basic functions are missed : we can't rotate or scale an object with a chosen point on the page, b├ęzier curves are not easy to create (can't change the direction of only one vector), no text on curves. But it's a very good job !
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