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  1. Everything seems to be ok. Great ! - Enable image placement options in Designer (you can now choose Linked or Embedded) and also Resource Manager (from the View menu) > very useful option- Added option for Designer to be able to show/hide overflow text - particularly useful for text on a path > How can you do that ? Have you a short video about it ?
  2. I can't launch this AD release. I can see the splash screen and after that AD quits. Mac OS 10.12.6
  3. mesh fill : In AI, it works only with basic shapes. We don't need it in AD. vector patterns : very important for me. I'm very frustrated with bitmap images. It's a pity when you export in PDF : all lines are clean and bitmap patterns are in low resolution if you are not aware about that. blend tool and deformation tool : a priority too Adding a spiral tool would be great.
  4. You are very cool guys. I've bought the AD first release and never spent money anymore. Do you plan a paying AD 2.0 ? Selling an AD update is not an insult for users. The new select menu and the offset tool are not little updates.
  5. What I understand : Color corrections and fx are not friends in this release. I've sent an example.
  6. And another problem : colors are not exact between AD 1.8 and AD 1.9. I have several shapes with black color and a color correction (inverse) to get white color. In AD 1.9, some are white and some have the background color. These wrong shapes are in a group with fx (biseau/estampage). If I delete fx (biseau/estampage), color correction (inverse) is ok. One more time, I can sent you a private message with the file.
  7. I am not able to reproduce the problem at this moment. Another thing : I would like to send you an .ai file in private. In AD (1.8 or 1.9), it's empty but it's ok in AI.
  8. The object is in isolated mode (alt clic on the object in Layer menu) ! For sure I don't have Outline mode.
  9. I've filled a shape with a gradient but on screen, it's like there was nothing. I've changed gradient, color, it stays without color. BUT, if I copy/paste in another document, it's ok. So, back to my original document and copy it and it's ok but it's very annoying. With another shape, moving it and the filled color has vanished but it was ok before. I had to do the same operation (copy/paste in another document).
  10. I wanted to use some contents but there were no thumbnails, only the names. Closing the menu re-opening and crash… Now it's ok but AD 1.9 updates Contents more slower than previous releases. I can see first the names and after a little time the thumbnails.
  11. Hi, In previous releases, selecting a object inside a group was : - click on the object > all the group is selected - double-click on the object > the object is selected In, if I select a object inside a group, this object is already selected. The step before is removed. Is there a way to get the previous behaviour ? I've looked for in preferences but nothing.
  12. Today, I've done a file for example. Before recording my screen, I've noticed that this file wasn't in "Open recent files". So if I want open it with the Apple tool research, it's greyed. I've opened this file and done another backup. Now, the file appeared in "Open recent files" and I can open it with the Apple research tool.
  13. Local disk. If I'm looking for a file with the Apple research tool (inside cmd+O), all AD files are greyed.
  14. Why, often, I can't open in AD an AD file with cmd+O ? I must go to the finder and do "open with > AD" This is the only software that do not recognize his own files !
  15. When I make screenshots, I like when it's the same size. Before 1.83 (I don't know but it was working with 1.7), with the hand tool, I was able to know percentage of zoom or enter the desired value. Now, the values stay the same when I zoom in or out.
  16. Arc & Spiral (print screen from Cinema4D) Arc : - draw a circle - make editable - (add points) - open shape - remove unwanted points Spiral : - launch Inkskape - draw a spiral - export in SVG - open and copy/paste in AD
  17. I've the same. The little hand doesn't want disappear. Hello guy, I'm the little hand ! You can't destroy me ! Ok… Restart and it works again normally.
  18. Copy/paste attributes is the best way for doing mistakes… Each time, fx and thickness values are never the same and I don't no why.
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