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  1. I work in production with guys who have Illustrator. Designs are done with Affinity but in production, they only need paths without fx. I must select each path and delete fx, it's a big waste of time. A command "Delete all fx" will be great or when exporting in eps format, add an option "Delete all fx".
  2. +1 You can do this in AI (shortcut W). It's very useful, not specially for gradients but for duplicating !
  3. "I can rotate an object from one of his corners in the "moving window", by taking it from the opposite corner with the Ctrl key clicked." I didn't know that. AD is full of surprises !
  4. You can also draw a second shape, boolean > add. Then delete the second shape with the node tool.
  5. I agree with Paekle. Something like the cinema4d mograph tool would be great : clones on splines, linear, radial, grid. Moi3d have too a pretty good cloner system.
  6. Symmetry and rotation functions are very basic. First step for me : add a symmetry axis and point rotation.
  7. What do you mean about art board ? In which software can I see it ? When I was working with AI, I just duplicated my design in the same document in the same page, never use art board. The problem is that the file is very big (often same elements for small differences between designs). In AD, I've changed my workflow. I've stopped duplications and I stack layers. I'd rather like register the current state of my layers to have a quick access of the different options of my designs. For example : Design 1 : - layer 1 on - layer 2 off - layer 3 of Design 2 : - layer 1 off - layer 2 on - layer 3 off Design 3 : - layer 1 off - layer 2 off - layer 3 on It's a very simple example but with complex files, it's very difficult to activate/desactivate manually layers for having the good design.
  8. After creating several gradients, I can only rename the last created. I can't also delete an unexpected gradient. Little bugs.
  9. Hide/Show all is not a priority for me. I use it very often in AI because all layers are active in AI and often it's difficult to select what you want. Lock elements (cmd 2) in AI is helpful too for same reasons. But in AD, only elements on active layers can be selected. I think that in AD, you must organize your work with more attention than AI : Naming layers, naming objects, looking at where are drawn objects. Sometimes in AD, I can't select what I want because objects are on a wrong layer. Maybe it would be useful to add a shortcut to force AD to select objects on non active layers.
  10. Well, my job consists to draw watches. Every time, when basic design is validated, I need to make a bunch of executions. Color of the dial, color of index, numbers, material of the case (steel, gold, rose gold, bicolor), with diamonds or not on the case, etc. So, I make a layer with each component : strap - case - color of the dial - index - numbers - brand - hands - shadow - diamonds - etc. For each design, I activate or mask layers to achieve my design. When you got dozen of layers, it's unfortunately very easy to make a mistake. It would be fantastic to register the current state of the layers for each design and rename them : "gold watch black dial black satin strap" for example. And so on for each execution. So, if I must do corrections on a design, I call the registered current state without looking for which layer must be activate or mask. Very useful system !
  11. Ok, it rocks ! A little thing : thumbnails are very, very little. With soft gradient (quasi similar colors), it's impossible to make difference between gradients and colors. I hope we'll be able to choose the size of the thumbnails in the next release.
  12. You're the best ! After using for 20 years AI every day (I've known illustrator 3 !), I can realize how AD is definitely better. What AD can't do now, just copy/paste in AI and go back to AD.
  13. There is already arrows in shape tool. But you can't bend them. It would be a great enhancement.
  14. After creating some gradients or personal colors, I can in AI, by a drag and drop stock them in my swatches menu. There is a swatches menu in AD but don't know how use it...
  15. I've just understand why in France, it doesn't work. We have , in place of . If we enter a number with , nothing happens. Little bug for froggies !
  16. Often, I use x / + / - in other software and it's very useful. Have you this little enhancement in your roadmap ?
  17. It's not a good workflow for me. My principal job is to draw dials for watches. It's very easy to do index in AI : - draw inner and outer circles - make them transparent (cmd 8) - draw index bigger than circles - make a mask (index are now between the 2 circles) If I want to change the radius inner or/and outer, it's very easy by selecting circles. I can do almost the same in AD : - draw inner and outer circles - pathfinder subtract - draw index (not easy - you can't define a reference point for rotation but after doing once, just copy/paste) - make a mask with sub layer BUT I can't change the radius of ONLY ONE circle. If I select one circle and its points and change the radius with the white arrow, circle becomes a potatoe. Potatoes are good but in my plate... A big limitation of AD is that you can't easily change a part of a shape. I often in AI select some points and rotate or scale them. It's impossible yet in AD.
  18. Compound object is a pathfinder improved : You can move/rotate/scale one part of the compound object. You can do the same in AI when press Alt at same time you click on the pathfinder. OK. Question : Is it possible to make a mask with a compound object or I must convert to curve the compound object before ?
  19. I can't find any interest to this function. Copy/Paste do the same. If Duplicate had a dialog box (choose a reference point - a curve to place duplicate objects - enter rotate/move/scale - number of copy - linear copy - radial copy - grid copy X/Y), it will be great. 3D software MomentOfInspiration3D is wonderful for that.
  20. I have not really explored Affinity and never done complex shapes. Sense of splines is useful for transparent objects (cmd 8 in AI) and shape gradients. You can also make transparent object with pathfinder ( A-B ) but I prefer one command because it's faster.
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