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  1. Nevermore

    Jagged edges

    Thank you for your reply. It was definitely there and, as I said, I was able to fix it no problem with PS. Please don't change anything in the program on my account! I don't have a flipping clue what I am doing, I was just curious and I think your answer makes sense. I really do appreciate how people take the time to look at these things and respond (staff and non staff).
  2. Nevermore

    Jagged edges

    Thank you for looking, I appreciate that. It is slightly better in standard view but is still a bit ragged. I need to have a serious think as this will matter to my work flow. Again, thank you for your input!
  3. If anyone has the time or inclination, I would very much appreciate some clue why my bar lines have such jagged edges in them. I normally work in PS but am trying to work a little bit in AD. So, for the sake of the piece, I can "fix" it in PS but am curious why this is here. I used a conical gradient on the lines and would never expect to see these edges (albeit with virtually no vector work under my belt at all, my expectations are probably not a very good guideline). On a separate note, with one or two exceptions, when I try to download some of the great resources offered here, the files download as exec files instead of zips. Again, expectations are not met. I don't usually have this kind of problem, normally my Mac just does everything it is supposed to. Any clues there either? Loving the program and these forums but starting to feel incredibly ignorant. Though I Sang in my Chains Jaggies.afdesign
  4. Thank you so much! I did try subtract but guess I didn't have proper selections or whatever. This worked like a charm. And now that I am going berserk with nodes and handles, I am starting to see the joy of vectors. P.S. made the leap and bought the program. This is just too much fun.
  5. But some of us actually are. Speaking for myself, of course. I am so darn pleased with this program! Having read through nearly all of the posts here to try to familiarize myself with stuff, I realize that the intent is to target the professional niche. I am low end hobbyist and fall far outside your target but you might want to know that I find it incredibly more user friendly than AI (which I bought and had to give away. Just could not get it). My entire experience is bitmap and I suspect I will have to change my mindset considerably. Too late to make a long story short. My first attempt at making something I can use is attached. It is far from finished but have hit the first stumbling block. I want to fill in the space between the two curves. In bitmap territory this is easy. I tried to compromise by painting in a pixel layer but even that is not controllable ie. I can't select the area I want to fill because it is not a path or shape but the inverse of the path or shape if you know what I mean. I can't help but feel I am using a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. Is there some way to make this area a shape so I can mess with it? I tried some geometry options but nothing seemed to work.first letter.afdesign
  6. I will check out the two others you mentioned. I ended up with Inkscape because it is free. My work is usually done in PS, I am using Affinity just to poke away at my comfort zone. The ability to convert to vectors may become less and less important to me as I learn to actually do my own stuff. 'Tis to be hoped. So not terribly motivated to pay a lot of money for the tool. Note to anyone who is new at this: Inkscape is okay but you have to load something else to use it (way too technical for me to explain but if you actually read the screen prompts you will get there sooner or later--way later for me but I am technically challenged). It is not fun to use and seems incredibly balky but it does convert and it is free so can't gripe. RE: new references. Image Vectorizer looks wonderful and is quite cheap but it is not available in Canada so I am out of luck. Super Vectorizer is reasonably priced and on sale for Christmas at $20.
  7. Thank you for the references. I will take a peak at them. I have read enough of these forums to understand the Affinity go forward plan (the roadmap and all that) so I won't bother waving my hand around asking for this ability. I am still so gobsmacked I can actually use this software that asking for anything else seems downright greedy. Off to Google your references.
  8. Tragically, hopelessly new to this game. I bought Illustrator many years ago and gave it away: despite having learned a lot of software programs from scratch, I could not wrap my head around it. I was a bit depressed to see the pricing when I decided I should try again. A quick Google brought up Affinity as a possible substitute and I am in the middle of the trial period. Either I have changed or something is wonderful about this program because I seem to be able to use it. So far, amazingly good. I am not a professional. I use Photoshop daily and after more than a decade can more or less use the program with ease. What I would like to be able to do (and don't see anything in the help manual or the videos or this forum) is convert some of my voluminous stash (mainly .pngs) to vectors. If that is not something that can be done, fine. But if it can be done I am extremely interested. And if this is a ridiculous question that does nothing more than expose the depths of my ignorance, my apologies.
  9. Nevermore

    Dream Styles

    I would like to import some of my PS styles: I have quite a lot. Was it difficult to do? I have no problem with swatches as I have a program that allows me to export swatches in different file formats, one of which is .clr which is what Affinity uses. But of course, I don't have that option for my PS styles. If it was not difficult, could you kindly explain how you did it? (In my neck of the woods, difficult means more than a five or six steps). Thanks in advance.

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