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  1. It does not work for me. The object is exactly 165x95 pixels in the draw persona. There is a 2pixels drop shadow at an 315 degree angle. (bottom and right side) When I create the slice in export persona it expands the size of the slize to 168x98 which is the size of the object plus the drop shadow. So the way I see it is that the drop shadow is not included on the object size in the draw persona but it is included on the export persona. The only way I have been able to hit my target size is by trial and error. Switching back and forth between the export and draw persona. There must be a better way to hit a target image size than trial and error. I can't resize the object in the export persona.
  2. Hi I have a logo which I have designed in Xara, and I have imported it as a pdf into Affinity Designer, because I need to change the logo. I have changed the logo and I have used an outline shadow fx as a drop shadow. Now I try to resize the logo to exact dimensions, because I need to export it as a png in different sizes. But the resize does not take the shadow fx into consideration. When I resize the logo to 165 x 95 and then go to the export persona to create a slize, the slize becomes much larger because the resize does not take the fx drop shadow into consideration. Is there a fast way you can resize to exact pixel dimensions when you use a fx, like the outer shadow?
  3. Excuse me for jumping in on this. I have a hard time understanding how to skew :-) Can't figure it out, any help please :-)
  4. Hi I am Henrik I am a software developer and a photographer. I am so happy to see the works of Affinity Designer. I am pretty sure I will end up owning all three products when they are released. Affinity Designer, for my graphics (I use Xara designer now, because it is really good, and I can avoid using Adobe Illustrator). Affinity Photo, for my photo editing (I use Aperture, Pixelmator and Photoshop. Aperture because it is good, Pixelmator to avoid Photoshop, and Photoshop when I have no other choices) Affinity Publisher, for my documents. ( I use Pages for mac, because it fits 80% of my needs. And I can avoid .... ) I can't wait to see Affinity Photo, if the quality of the program is as good as Affinity Designer, we finally have an alternative to Adobe. I try to avoid Adobe as much as possible. Adobe is the market leader. No doubt. But the i do not find the software a joy to work with. I may be the only photographer on this plant who do not enjoy Lightroom and Photoshop. The apps are powerful no doubt about that, but I find that the software has too many features in places that are illogic for me. And because I spend time developing software between shoots. I can't remember where the features are placed in Photoshop. I simply just can't remember. I have the same issues with Adobe Indesign. I can't remember how to use the software. XARA on the other hand is much more user friendly for me. I love how easy it is to create a shadow in Xara, and I hope to see that feature in Affinity Designer as well. I simply can't wait to see Affinity Photo. Hope it is more user friendly for me than Adobe Photoshop.
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