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  1. I find the difference between tonal range settings (highlights, midtones, shadows) is not very different when using the Burn, Dodge and Saturation tools. Can these tools be improved so that there's more differentiation between highlights, midtowns and shadows when using these tools? Although my next question may fit better with a features request, I'd like to keep it in context because they're related; It'll be nice to be able to adjust how much one tonal range setting impinges onto the next - like a tolerance setting. This would give remarkable control over burning and dodging.
  2. I find there's zero difference in the effect of the Blurring tool whether I set the tool's opacity to 1% or 100%. Similar lack of adjustability is experienced in the Sharpening tool, although I do like that it's hard to grossly oversharpen to the point ugliness with that tool. Can the opacity sliders on all tools be improved to provide control so that when I set opacity of a tool to a percentage, it actually applies that effect by that percentage?
  3. Found an awesome solution to the lack of tolerance sliders when using HSL adjustments: You can go to the Channels pane and burn and dodge within the individual R, G or B channels. It does a better job than even saturation with tolerance adjustments. Bonus feature: Affinity lets you burn and dodge in a single colour channel while keeping all channels visible thus displaying the full colour picture while you make your colour adjustments. Not even Photoshop can do that. Affinity just won another Brownie Point with me.
  4. I would like to see a feature in Hue, Saturation & Luminosity sliders where the tolerances to the selected colours can be adjusted similar to how Photoshop & Capture One Pro do. Currently, it's impossible to make smooth adjustments making it impossible to do more extreme corrections to difficult photos.
  5. I'm struggling with some basic techniques that would be child's play in Photoshop. First, I cannot get Copy Merged to retain the appearance of an image or layer with adjustment layers applied. It strips out many of the adjustments and completely alters the new layer I'm trying to create. I'm having the same issue with exporting. It loses all the layer adjustment image integrity. Even the Merge Visible command doesn't work right. Finally, I have the same problem when PLACING the Affinity Photo file into an Affinity Designer file. It doesn't look the same as when I'm viewing it in Photo. Here's where I've discovered the deficiencies: I'm trying to create star fields and planets for sci-fi illustration using a variety of filters and adjustments like Noise, Levels, Curves, and Screen layers of scaled star fields (set to Screen to achieve the look of stars in different densities, size and distance), but I cannot get Affinity to preserve the appearance of the effects I've achieved with layer interactions and adjustment layers (see previous paragraph). If Merge and Export behave this way, then I have zero control over the adjustments and quality of my photographs as well when exporting to PSD, TIFF, PNG or JPEG. Affinity is not preserving quality or appearance. Am I missing something about how to work with layers, or is Affinity simply not designed to do the same things I take for granted in Photoshop?
  6. Please improve the Shadows and Highlights performance so that the relative details within the highlights and especially the shadows is preserved when restoring detail in those value ranges. Current performance, especially in the Shadows adjustments, flattens everything out with extreme loss of detail. Please see Capture 1 Pro for an example of how these adjustments should perform.
  7. I find that the current selection tool set, while good, is not as precise for creating certain types of selection masks. Will a future version of Affinity Photo feature a polygon selection tool?
  8. I would like to see a feature where you can move the centre point of an object anywhere (including outside the object) so that I can perform object rotations from any centre point.
  9. I would like to see a mesh grid distortion tool to fine-tune object and text distortions and create the illusion of objects moulding to irregular surfaces (e.g., text on a rippling flag).
  10. I would like to see more ability in Affinity to distort so I can add perspective, curve or other freeform distortions to my objects. Currently the only options are rotate and skew, which is limiting.
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