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  1. timelessmoments

    Exactly Position Guides

    Thanks GarryP
  2. Is there a way to position the guides exactly?
  3. Hi, Logitech CRAFT keyboard is branded as the ULTIMATE creativity keyboard. Supports Adobe and MS Office Suite. A row where you should be part of / a great 'we-are-as-good-as-Adobe-branding' opportunity no? +1
  4. Supported yet? +1
  5. timelessmoments

    Sneak peeks for 1.7

    Version 2.0 around the corner any time soon? ETA? Spring/ Summer/ Fall/ Winter...?
  6. timelessmoments

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    version 2.0 around the corner? Any ETA? Spring/ Summer/ Fall/ Winter?
  7. Is it possible to import a vector drawing like PDF > export to DWG/DWG like with the open source app INKSCAPE > Useful for architects to convert vector drawings and being able to import them into a CAD app afterwards