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    z_0 got a reaction from myrrhine in Exported PNG & JPG are blurry   
    I have this issue with a CMYK 8 bit export to literally any format now. For vector logo and fonts no sharpness at all, get it blurry as result.
    Please PM me, will provide the sources so you could investigate.
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    z_0 got a reaction from JohaWeber in EVERYTHING is exporting blurry   
    Snap, I have this now. Sharp when editing, but some layers are so blurry on export (without any resizing).
    File is in CMYK/8.
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    z_0 reacted to ltrindade in Copy layer/group (or from outside), new document should be resized to fit   
    Affinity is a great tool and i'm adapting from "Photoshop" world! One very simple feature i miss in Affinity, is when i just need to quick extract some layers or group (or an element from other program) to a new document, but normally i need the document size to be fit to the element (and if i need then i expand it).
    Can you add an option to the new document dialog to autofit the clipboard elements dimensions?
    Thank you,
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    z_0 reacted to edge07 in Missing Fundamental Tools for Web   
    For me what's missing most so that AD would be usable as a UI design tool:
    - Artboards
    - Layout grids
    - Easily switch between normal and rounded rectangle (when you have it already drawn)
    - Missing option to snap to full pixels (at the moment you always get 0,5 pixel values)
    - Option to easily measure distances (like in Sketch)
    - Ability to close overlays with ESC
    - Jump between layers with tab
    - Escape layer groups with ESC
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    z_0 reacted to hypnotic in Missing Fundamental Tools for Web   
    I absolutely love Affinity but right now there are still some tools that forbid me to completely leave Adobe.
    They are:
    - Crop Canvas (or Crop Document)
    - Trim Canvas
    - Resize Canvas
    - New document based on clipboard object (match size with the object on clipboard)
    Something to think about:
    - Responsive design / document states - I think there are no tools on the market that allow us to properly address this. It would be great to create different states for a document, this would allow us to reuse page elements and arrange them in different document sizes. This could then export to an html page that would allow us to show our clients how a responsive page would perform in different sizes. This export would have media queries and would change images for different window sizes.
    - Sprite sheets - Properly address the creation of sprite sheets, generate css, define hover, active states for sprites, etc. This would be really killer!
    Make this tools and you'll have all the new generation of designers going to Affinity (The old designers will stick with Photoshop till its death :) ).
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    z_0 reacted to Andreas Larsen in Share -> Clipboard   
    Quick mockup    
    For when I want to share what I'm creating in other apps than the ones listed
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    z_0 reacted to pixelfreak in Copy merged   
    Select and copy merged everything  select and the paste it as a pixel. 
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    z_0 reacted to eross21 in AutoTrace (convert raster image to vector)   
    maybe I'm missing it, but is there an option to open a JPEG, or bitmap image
    and trace,or convert it to a vector file for further editing? If not there should be one, it would be a great option. even if it had only a few modes like black and white, and 5 color
    it would make me convince me to convert from adobe illustrator
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