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  1. :) Thanks Ben! I'll use one of the methods you mentioned if I notice it happening again.
  2. I just downloaded the file I uploaded and tried on a different computer had the same thing happen. • Cmd + A to select all • Apply the shadow I've attached a new file with the shadow applied. Here a screenshot as well. Hope that helps. Limitlis-test.afdesign
  3. Hi Matt, Yes! That's awesome to hear! I also found this post ( which I saw that alt + scrolling will do the same also, but I'm happy that it is available. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, my name is Cesar. I've been using mostly Adobe products since, well, before they bought Macromedia I'll just say. These days I find myself doing mainly development so I can't really justify the monthly Creative Cloud membership which I unfortunately won't get much use from. So in looking for a suitable replacement I found out about Affinity designer within the Apple Mac App Store, under the Best of 2014 featured section. I tried the trial out for a whole 2 hours before making the purchase (watched several reviews and the overview video as well). I'm pretty sure Affinity will fulfill my needs quite well! Well so far I'm happy with my decision and I'm looking forward to seeing this product mature and evolve so that another 10 years from now I can brag about having used AD when it was in version 1 :P Cheers everyone.
  5. I'm not sure if this is just me, but coming from heavy Photoshop and Illustrator usage but I would love an option in preferences to be able to Zoom via scroll instead of panning. I usually keep my thumb on the spacebar (hand tool) to Pan around. I guess I got used to the Photoshop CC method of zooming by scrolling, so to me panning by scroll doesn't feel right. So being able to switch that in preferences would be awesome! (I looked and couldn't see it in preferences) I do appreciate that the shortcuts for panning (spacebar) and zooming in (cmd + spacebar) or out (cmd + opt + spacebar ) are the same as in the aforementioned products though. Cheers and thank you for making an awesome product!
  6. I've attached the simple project that I created where the bug is happening. If you want to test it. Select all, then in the effects panel either change the offset of the shadow or the angle. I'm not really sure how I got into this state. I've only been using Affinity Designer for a few hours so far. Notice the shadow of the i's in the screenshot below. Steps I took in the project (roughly): Created Text Converted to Curves Modified a few shapes (the i's) by subtracting with other shapes Grouped the rows of shapes Applied Outer Shadow effect Change the offset When changing the offset i notice that the shapes I subtracted from have the drop shadow applied at a different rate than the other shapes. When inspecting the values of each individual shape from the Layers toolbar I can see that the "normal" shapes have a value of around 30.7px for offset, while the "modified" shapes have a value of 13.3px. I could see it being useful as a sort of parallax effect, but in this instance that wasn't my intent. :) Just thought it was a little weird. Anyways, I'm loving the program so far. Thanks, Cesar Limitlis-test.afdesign
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