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  1. I've been using for many years Aperture for editing and storing my photos, then when Affinity Photo appears i started editing with your great program but i still was using Apple for raw files storage although i started saving a jpg copy to Photos. Now its time to move on to another photo storage program because i've just bought a seconday camera, a Sony rx100 m5 compact camera, and Aperture don't recognize ARW Sony files from it. Here are my questions: Is there any project in the near future for creating an Affinity Suite involving your programs and including a storage capabilities for Affinity photo files (even Affinity designer and publisher files) ? if not, do you recommend any program that could work specially well with Affinity Photo for storaging raw files ? Thanks !! Imac 27 mid 2011= 3,1 Ghz Intel Core I5 32Gb Ram AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048MB (MacOS Sierra 10.12.6) + Wacom Intuos PRO + Ipad Pro 12'9 2017 (IOS 11.2.6 ) Affinity Photo (1.6.7) Affinity Designer ( 1.6.1) Affinity Photo for iPad(1.6.7) Aperture 3.6
  2. Hello, I have been using the Aperture program to edit my pics until I started editing them with Affinity Photo last year, but I didn't stop importing them to Aperture mainly because I can edit them with Affinity and it allows me to save them in TIFF format with access, any time, to all layers I've created, in Aperture. Now, for fear that in one of the future updates of macOS, Aperture stops working, I have decided to move my libraries from Aperture to Photos. Before I checked that from the Photos program I could call the Affinity program to edit my pics. I saw that it was an option so i imported one of my libraries. Then, after doing different tests, i have two problems, first, i don´t have access to any of the layers of the TIFFS i edited and saved with Affinity in Aperture, all previous edition is lost. And second, it happens also with the pics i start editing in Photos with Affinity extension, if i edit a photo through the Affinity extension and then i save it and close it, when i open it again to go on with the edition, the program just allow me to go to the original, but not to the layers. did i imported my library correctly ? am i doing anything wrong ? Thanks IMAC 27' i5 32 RAM mid 2011 running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (Photos version 2.0) (Affinity Photo 1.5.2)
  3. Thank you for your explanation, R C-R, it is simple and clear, but although I did not know how to explain the reason for my confusion, I still have some doubt. In the screenshot I uploaded, I created in a working table, an A6 for a flier (1) and a frame for an iphone mockup (2) . I still did not understand why they don't appear proportional in size in the same working table. On the other hand looking at the drawing (3) where the official measures of the Iphone are shown, I did not understand the relation of measures between mm ( 58 x 104 ) and points (375 x 667).
  4. I'm probably confused with something, but so far I've been checking my work by importing jpg to my phone and had not noticed anything, but now I've gone to print the document in its original size and I realize that it prints to that wrong big size.
  5. The size in pt is 375 x 667 but if you set it in mm it is 132,3 mm x 253,3 mm and think must be ( 104 x 58 mm) and i've realized that because i have compared with a imported A6 (105 mm x 148mm) in the same work table and both were not proportional
  6. Hello, I have been designing for months in Affinity designer with size Iphone 6, as it comes configured (375 pt x 667 pt) and today, when importing to the work table a design made in the same program in size DINA 6 , I've realized that the dimensions were not proportional. Those of the DINA 6 in mm are correct but when passing the measurements of the Iphone 6 from pt to mm I realize that the size of this was bigger than the real. ??? Thanks
  7. Hi, excuse me, but I don't know if I explained my suggestion well because you did not give me any answer to it. thanks
  8. When you have a design with hundreds of layers, organized inside each other, and create or modify some element on the design without having previously selected the folder where to place it, you can find that layer in the studio panel because the color is highlighted. But that highlighting is very weak and sometimes difficult to find among hundreds of folders and subfolders. You could also Extra highlight tabs of open files. I've just deleted a photo that I wanted to save, and it's not the first time, because I had opened 8 photos of which I wanted to erase most of them and I got confused when I've started clicking on the X to erase them, especially because a natural order is not followed, photo showed does not match the order of the top menu, it should be the one from the left of the top tab menu or be more highlighted. I work in both, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer Thanks for your great job
  9. Thanks for your fast and Clarifying reply.
  10. What does the vertical red line on the studio panel of my project mean? it often appears on my projects. Thanks in advance !
  11. Miquel

    Lately Affinity designer hangs up when....

    This single character was the square root mathematical symbol ( if it could help). Other times i don't know but probably into those layer were some other mathematical symbols too. Thanks Chris
  12. Miquel

    Lately Affinity designer hangs up when....

    Hey QA ! i´m using Affinity Designer 1.5.4 (Spanish version) in macOS Sierra version 10.12.2 (iMac 27" mid2011, Proc. 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5, Ram 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6970M* 2048 MB (*Replaced by Apple). By the way, last time it has happened to me was few minutes ago and it has been the first time it happened while copying a single character, not copying a big group of layers, just copying a single character from another layer to paste in the one i was working. Thank you !!!
  13. Lately Affinity designer hangs up when I need to copy a group of layers to paste them into another document, if I have not saved the changes previously. This did not happen before normally. When it happens the only way out it´s to force the exit. I don´t know from how many layers it starts to hang up, it normally has happened with a lot of them, but if i save the file and then i copy it to paste it into another document it works properly. Thanks god your security copies system work very well and when i open the program again i normally have lost just the last steps. Now i´ve learned to saving it before copying but i still sometimes forget it and ......brrrrrrrr !!! thanks !