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  1. The save or save as was moved to the home screen. I would love it if it was added into the menu while my file/project is open. This helps with quick saves as I work. This has become mor important with the instability of the V2 apps. Going back to the Home Screen resets brushes, etc This has created a significant loss d productivity time when to save a document I have to leave the document atten almost any change.
  2. The iPad apps all crash a lot. Particularly designer. ITs really frustrating and making it unusable.
  3. Both affinty photo and designer crash all the time. So frustrating. Probably going back to version 1. edit: can’t go to v1 because incompatibility. even upgraded to new m 2 iPad Pro.
  4. iPad designer V2 is crashing regularly. I have a feeling it’s the auto save feature. I decreased to 30 and it crashed quickly. Expanded it to the highest level and it’s not crashing. iPad Pro 12.9 , 2019 I think. Last model before M series processors. let me know if I can help investigate further. edit: not auto save as it crashed again
  5. Did you try running as administrator? ​I had a similar issue when i updated to the UA update on win10 with numerous apps. I ended up re-installing a fresh full version of win10 AU. From what i red it had to do with the user account getting messed up.
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