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  1. exporting tagged text and importing it seems like a trivial thing, but in many cases it's very useful. In my case I interact with database. Tagged text that updates in the document is a great thing, but it's missing. Not being able to import excell is also a problem. Logically for us users there is only one term of comparison. There are functions that become fundamental in a workflow. To use Affinity I must necessarily have a structure that allows me to do this step.

  2. similarly to the pdf, but more revolutionary, it would be a document that maintains all the characteristics of the paginated incorporating all the editable elements. A kind of "package" that contains everything in itself. I shouldn't have a folder of images, fonts... drawings... etc, but all in one document.
    I already like the possibility of being able to switch from retouching mode to layout - something I had asked Adobe for a long time without ever being listened to - but I think this step is also needed... making the pdf superfluous. I don't take anything away from pdf - a standard format that has made a revolution, but for prepress I think a revolution is worthwhile. A new format that allows for modification and is universal for reading.

  3. there is no longer a way to save a main window layout / control panels with dual monitors. I put the panels on a monitor, the main window and the menus on the other... except and when I call it, you flatten all the panels on top of each other on the home screen. This with all Affinity applications. Before it was not so ... before it worked. This must be an error in the updates.

  4. nelle versioni precedenti potevo sistemare le finestre di elaborazione nel secondo monitor lasciando la finestra di lavoro nel monitor principale con ciascuno dei programmi. Ora li cede sempre tutti in un unico monitor e non ricorda la posizione. Non c'è più modo di salvare l'area di lavoro?

  5. Sto solo dicendo che hanno fatto un lavoro fantastico e non sono completamente d'accordo con quello che stai dicendo. The problem of cui sto discutendo è strutturale per Publisher. Not c'è gestione delle tabelle collegate all'esterno e probabilmente con molte immagini molto pesanti molto anche se le immagini sono collegate. Ma Publisher è un programma giovane e quindi non può che crescere. Per quanto riguarda l'apertura del documento, devo congratularmi con la squadra e rafforzarla perché sono stati davvero buoni. Prova ad aprire un pdf con Affinity e prova a fare lo stesso con la concorrenza ... capirai immediatamente la differenza in questo lavoro che stanno facendo. Da come si apre un pdf si capisce che hanno la giusta mentalità.

  6. Faced with the fantastic work that has made it possible to open a complicated document, the problem of slowness now remains. There is a long wait time to open the converted document and now to Affinity. Pages are handled with difficulty. I note that global levels are handled in a particular way. I have a "photo" layer that I can block on a single page and on another instead have unlocked it... That is very good in some cases, but I would like to see the possibility of acting globally on all pages. In my case, in fact, blocking a level that is free on a page is "dangerous".
    Unfortunately - as I feared - he did not keep the link on the excell tables. It remains a fantastic job this fact from Affinity because despite no active link, they kept their appearance.

  7. I wanted to share that Affinity Publisher has opened a very complex Indesign document to me. In the past he had not succeeded, today out of curiosity I tried again and with wonder I saw the document open even if with a long wait. The original document is 515 Mb - while the Affinity document is 31 Mb. I'm not sure he's held all the functions - in fact I don't think so... but it's great that he opened it. There are tables in your document that update automatically if I change values to excell. I have a lot of confidence in Team Affinity. They're good.

  8. era molto comprensibile. Grazie. You need out for copiare e incollare for Affinity ricorda fortunatamente le posizioni degli elementi e li applica quando si incolla. Penso che sia importante essere in grado di distinguere tra livelli assoluti e relativi per la situazione che ho spiegato in precedenza.


    era comprensibilissimo. Grazie. Non servono le quide per copiare e incollare perché Affinity per fortuna ricorda le posizioni degli elementi e le applicazioni quando incolli. Penso che sia importante la possibilità di distinguere tra livelli assoluti e livelli relativi per la situazione che ho spiegato prima

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