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  1. I lost all the links to the images in a Publisher document. That's a lot of images. If I connect one, all the others do not find the path even though the folders have the same name. This is a big problem because now I have to reconnect them all one by one. Are there methods to resolve this?
  2. exporting tagged text and importing it seems like a trivial thing, but in many cases it's very useful. In my case I interact with database. Tagged text that updates in the document is a great thing, but it's missing. Not being able to import excell is also a problem. Logically for us users there is only one term of comparison. There are functions that become fundamental in a workflow. To use Affinity I must necessarily have a structure that allows me to do this step.
  3. similarly to the pdf, but more revolutionary, it would be a document that maintains all the characteristics of the paginated incorporating all the editable elements. A kind of "package" that contains everything in itself. I shouldn't have a folder of images, fonts... drawings... etc, but all in one document. I already like the possibility of being able to switch from retouching mode to layout - something I had asked Adobe for a long time without ever being listened to - but I think this step is also needed... making the pdf superfluous. I don't take anything away from pdf - a standard format that has made a revolution, but for prepress I think a revolution is worthwhile. A new format that allows for modification and is universal for reading.
  4. la prima cosa a cui ho pensato è lo spostamento della linea di base, che opero ad esempio per avere un testo ad un livello diverso rispetto agli altri caratteri... se me ne dimentico succede come te.
  5. Needless to say, I'm used to grep styles - now fundamental. How do you solve with Affinity. It seems to me that grep research there is ... but styles no.
  6. up to now I have always received updates. For a PC problem I recreated my account (the same one) - but I saw on the site that the visible versions are 1.9 and I am stuck at 1.1. How come?
  7. regolare il pannello / invertire che si tratti di carta, pellicola, bianco e nero o colore... il negativo è sempre inverso del colore o della gradazione del nero.
  8. watch this video and understand what happens. There is no practical remedy for now. Any attempt I make does not give positive results. Except for a layout, but when I call it back it only works for a second... then project the panels in the center of the screen with the document. error.wmv
  9. tranne che per il layout. Ne ho salvati diversi con diversi tentativi differenziati. Quando chiamo il layout per un secondo è disposto correttamente e quindi proietta tutti i pannelli al centro del monitor.
  10. there is no longer a way to save a main window layout / control panels with dual monitors. I put the panels on a monitor, the main window and the menus on the other... except and when I call it, you flatten all the panels on top of each other on the home screen. This with all Affinity applications. Before it was not so ... before it worked. This must be an error in the updates.
  11. nelle versioni precedenti potevo sistemare le finestre di elaborazione nel secondo monitor lasciando la finestra di lavoro nel monitor principale con ciascuno dei programmi. Ora li cede sempre tutti in un unico monitor e non ricorda la posizione. Non c'è più modo di salvare l'area di lavoro?
  12. lately I'm having problems in the menus and panels. The menus disappear, and in the panels the display is altered by strange shapes on hover. At this time for example if I pass the menu on a visible menu - this disappears (Publisher). The program works - only there is the problem in display.
  13. in Indesign c'è un flag che consente di rimuovere gli oggetti in stampa. Ho notato che sul tuo documento se ricrei la casella di testo con colonne, puoi stampare, ma i movimenti di testo in cui ci sono foto o didascalie non funzionano ... Penso che sia meglio rifare il documento copiando e incollando gli elementi senza impostazioni però.
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