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  1. If you go to preferences>performance and change it from OpenGL to Metal it fixes the issue. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi @CJ Randolph, while the scale does make things a little better it is still most certainly not pixel perfect. As you can see in the attached image, which is a 640px x 640px canvas, the red expanded stroke does not line up perfectly with the black original stroke below it. There's seems to be a fundamental issue with the way the software goes about converting strokes to fills.
  3. Yes, I agree. I hate complaining too and it's quite pissing off when people think they're entitled to new features from software companies. However, the reason I think this is different is the lack of any information, for over 2 years, about a critical feature that this company proudly claims on their sales page.
  4. This issue was reported over 2 years ago and there's no sign of it being even considered let alone fixed. All I've heard since I reported it is a message like this from the moderators saying that it's a known issue and that it's been passed on to the dev team.
  5. Don't hold your breath for this fix @debraspicher. This issue was reported over 2 years ago and there's no sign of it being even considered let alone fixed. All I've heard since I reported it is a message like this from the moderators saying that it's a known issue and that it's been passed on to the dev team.
  6. I don't think this will ever get fixed. I think it was reported over 2 years ago and has literally been ignored completely.
  7. Exactly! What surprises me is, this one bug is pretty much the only thing stopping several designers from completely switching over from illustrator and it's not being given any importance.
  8. Jeez, we have radio silence on this from the Affinity team. It's quite disheartening, to be honest. And we have moderators pointing us to other threads where more people are frustrated about the same issue. I'm a big advocate of supporting smaller companies and have got many of my friends and clients to purchase Affinity products but this is really disappointing. Obviously, there is no compulsion to do anything based on user request but I think it's very irresponsible to say that you're working on a fix and 4 years on you're still saying the same thing. Say it won't be fixed in the near future or at least give us some information that is less vague.
  9. Let me start by saying that I am a huge advocate of Affinity products and I own Designer and Photo for Mac and iPad. We're coming up on 4 years of having this bug (critical IMHO) and all I still see is @MEB's copy-pasted response from years ago. Now I get that this is a harder bug to fix but it seems to have been completely ignored. And if it has been ignored, I think it's very misleading to have the word 'Icons' listed on the website. Even 'pixel perfect' is quite misleading considering this bug. And as people pointed, there are free and cheaper vector apps that handle Expanding of strokes far more gracefully than Designer does. Many icon designers purchase this as an illustrator alternative and as it stands today, Designer is NOT suited for icon design. I completely agree with @Xavez's comments above. This is definitely a major oversight!
  10. It's been over 3 years since this bug was reported and it still exists. Basically thinner strokes don't expand properly and straight lines become curved, making it impossible to design pixel perfect icons. I heard 3 years back that this was high on the priority list but it clearly hasn't been fixed.
  11. Exactly. This bug + the expand stroke bug make this software unusable for me as a UI designer. Quite sad actually.
  12. Cool thanks Matt! P.S. super excited about the native iOS versions btw. Any approximate ETA on those? :)
  13. Any approximate ETA on this? Hopefully & future are both rather vague. Isn't this a show stopper bug for any kind of pixel perfect design when using artboards, so I'm assuming it would be pretty high up on your 'to fix' list? Also, like I mentioned above this doesn't seem to be a 'Pixel View' only problem. It also affects the export persona and hence the exported artwork that is now not pixel perfect. Also would you be able to suggest a workaround to this issue while you fix it?
  14. UPDATE: It's also not just a visual glitch. It actually affects the exported assets. You can see in the screenshot below that the issue carries over to the slice in the export persona. This makes AD completely unusable for icon design! :/
  15. Decided to switch over to AD from AI for icon design but this bug makes it almost impossible to work. When I switch to pixel view the grid gets randomly offset from the artboard. See screenshots below. The second example is and even bigger issue as you can clearly see in vector view that the vertical line is perfectly aligned, but still appears blurry in pixel view. Tested this behaviour on both 1.5.4 & 1.5.5b5
  16. Hey Matt, This anomaly shows up at lower pen pressures and isn't directly linked to the brush size. Even opacity shows similar issues at lower pen pressures and while the problem doesn't go away as you increase the pressure, it isn't as obvious. I just did some digging and this is mostly an astropad + Affinity Photo issue. Photoshop shows the same behaviour, albeit a lot more subtle. It's far more obvious in AP. If you guys do have access to an iPad Pro & pencil it would great if you could look into this. Another issue I noticed is with fast strokes. AP doesn't seem to be able to keep up and ends up making, what should be smooth curves into a bunch of straight lines. I've attached screenshots below. AP PS
  17. I just bought Affinity Photo as I'm trying to move away from adobe products. Overall your software is stellar and I'm really happy with my purchase. Aside from photography I also do digital art and have been using photoshop with astropad for a few months now and it works really well. However, I tried the same setup with Affinity Photo and it works fairly well but there seems to be some random pressure inaccuracies. The lines randomly become thick abruptly. Is there some setting that will sort this issue out or is this a bug that needs to be looked into. I hope someone here can assist me. I've attached screenshots of Affinity vs Photoshop strokes using the same setup. You can clearly seem the random blobs on the strokes. Photoshop Affinity Photo
  18. I just noticed that duplicating a grouped object that contains symbols, breaks all the links to the symbol.
  19. I found this rather annoying behaviour where objects that have been shift arrowed to move them in a given direction are then option dragged to duplicate, revert to their original position, pre shift arrow. I've made a quick video demonstrating this issue clearly. LINK: https://youtu.be/tkYiG4tepEA
  20. Hey Ben, Sorry the group snap was my bad so I've removed it from my initial post. It works fine on 1.4.2 and 1.5b11. I'm new to AD and hadn't understood the concept of candidates and having to activate them before trying to snap. Snap to intersection however only works in 1.5b11 and not in 1.4.2. Also the over all improvements to snapping in 1.5 are great btw. Thanks a lot for that! :)
  21. Hey so any chance of a Live Paint type illustrator feature making it into Affinity Designer anytime soon?
  22. This is my list of feature requests so I can completely ditch illustrator. While I love Affinity Designer and bought it to support development, It doesn't fully replace Illustrator because of a few key features that are missing: Feature Request List: 1) Path offset 2) Shape builder 3) Snap to intersection between 2 paths (This has been fixed in the latest 1.5 beta) 4) Snap to self/copy. (i.e. when I drag and object it should snap to its previous position, or if I Alt drag a copy of an object it should snap to the original object). Existing Features That Are Buggy: 1) Expanding a stroke creates way too many verts Other Low Priority Features: 1) Use saved pressure curves across documents
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