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  1. hushthatpanda

    Star Wars propaganda poster

    There's some really cool First Order propaganda posters out there. Playing around with making a few posters while learning AD. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Stormtrooper art 3.29.16v3.afdesign
  2. Howdy folks, I'm trying to fill a a vector image that was created with the pen tool and I'm having some difficulty finding a way to color it in. I don't fully understand this pixel persona, but I've tried both rasterising and using pixel brushes and using the vector brushes, but am not getting a good result. Right now it's okay if it's just one color, though I'd like to figure out how to shade as well. Can anyone provide some guidance on this? Attached is the file I'm working with. Thanks in advance! drinking buddies v4.afdesign
  3. Loving this program. Just recently started playing around with designing. Here's a few vectors I've put together while trying to learn about it. Feedback is welcome. bull logo work.afdesign comet logo test.afdesign knives 8314.afdesign Background logos.afdesign