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  1. EDIT: Sorry, have discovered this feature now on the roadmap, but perhaps my suggestion beneath is worth to discuss.


    I'm using Illustrator among others to draw font icons.


    Each icon is on his own artboard / page for using the export-to-svg option (which is a pain to use each time you changed an icon).


    Wish I could use slices instead in Designer and do an simple export like it can be done with Bitmaps.

    The auto-export such a great idea, that it would be great for other export file types.


    I know there's a difference because if you not fully enclose an vector element it's not a problem to save a sliced bitmap.

    Suggestion: What if using slices on vectors just like the "crop" tool?

    So if a slice doesn't enclose a vector fully, this cropped vector (with the boundaries of the slice) is saved as SVG.



    PS: Thanks for your hard work! – I'm exploring Designer since yesterday and it's a pleasure to work with.

  2. Linking an image instead of embedding it, would be useful if you're working on different documents with the same file, i.e. a logo in a design phase. So if you change that logo it will be respected in every file it is linked.

    Besides that it doesn't increase your Designer file, that could be crucial if you're working with large files and make a lot of versions / copies of your Designer file.

    I think it's like the new version of the Photoshop Smartobjects (CC version).


    Would be great if this makes sense to you too and isn't too hard to implement. Thanks!

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