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  1. But at the time you made the 'Ctrl-drag would not need to change' post, at that time I replied with an explanation of why it would have to change & asked why you thought it would not have to. I made that as clear as I could so I am not sure why you think I was trying to mislead anybody.
  2. Either that or use some other app that you think is better suited to your working habits.
  3. That giant void only occurs if you scroll down far enough to see it, so if you use a mouse that makes it easy to control how far you scroll, that problem never arrises. Did you ever use one of the original hockey puck mouses? If you did & were happy with its design you were in a very small minority of users.
  4. Just try out any other non-Apple mouse or mouse equivalent & compare the results. There are a great many of us who feel Apple is among the worst in the world at designing these things, beginning with the infamous hockey puck.
  5. I believe that is an inherent design flaw in the design of that rodent that manifests itself not just in the Affinity apps but also in others, notably Safari & other browsers where it is very easy to accidentally scroll when just trying to click a link with the result that the click lands on something else.
  6. That is what I explained several posts back, which is why the "would not need to change" comment made no sense to me. As for the rest of it, I was not objecting to anything other than possibly how far off the original topic this discussion has gone. I do take some responsibility for that but I do not think it is all my fault.
  7. Perhaps, but I am talking more about Publisher. It works the same in all 3 Affinity apps so I am not sure what your point is about that. Apart from that, I'm still trying to understand why you would intentionally scroll the document around so much that you would need to set limits on how far the UI would let you do that. After all, it is up to you to stop scrolling when you have the document placed in the workspace window where you want it, right?
  8. You can scroll around any Affinity document with the View (hand) Tool & temporarily switch to it by holding down the spacebar. IIRC, it is the same in Photoshop.
  9. How could Serif adapt the code shared among the 3 Affinity apps to be more like Adobe, where Adobe's major apps don't even share enough that they all can open documents created in one without performing conversions, some of which lose or alter part of the original content?
  10. But I still do not understand why you are scrolling around the document that much, unless it by accident. Frankly, as I have written in several other topics, I consider the Magic Mouse to be very poorly suited for use with any app that allows scrolling because it is so easy to scroll accidentally when that isn't desired. Also, please note that this topic was originally about AP, not APub, & your APub example shows the simplest possible document, one with just a single document page. If you add more pages, you will see that vertical scrolling allows you to quickly move up & down among them, which is why it doesn't confine vertical scrolling. There is more to it than that because since APub offers two other personas if all 3 apps are installed where there are also reasons not to limit vertical or horizontal scrolling, but hopefully you can at least see the reason these apps are designed as they are.
  11. How specifically are you scrolling & why are you doing that? I ask because I cannot duplicate that behavior with the Move Tool selected unless I move the mouse pointer into the scrollbars & scroll the view that way.
  12. Which, as has been mentioned, is totally dependent on the zoom level being so low that the document occupies only a small faction of it. It has everything to do with the Zoom level, which is why CMD-0 is the shortcut for Zoom to Fit.
  13. The pasteboard area is dependent on the zoom level & the size of the document, so if the zoom level is much lower than what is needed to show all of the document, then of course there will be a huge pasteboard area. But since the zoom factor is totally under user control I do not understand why you would set the zoom level lower than needed to show what you need to work on in the document (which might be the entire document or just a small part of it).
  14. Because it works like that for most of us if we use CMD-0 or the Windows equivalent, it is difficult to know why that isn't working for you, if that is what you are talking about.
  15. By loaded, do you mean installed or running? That is an important distinction in V2 since in V2 various items can be linked among the installed apps so they share the same files to significantly reduce the amount of drive space needed for all of them.
  16. I understand that you feel this use of the CTRL key is incongruous with what is usual in most Mac apps. What I do not understand is you saying that the current CTRL-Drag to move just the node would not need to be changed if the UI was changed so that a CTRL-click brought up the contextual menu. Was that not clear?
  17. I will start one about the issues with the status bar & help topic when I have the time to research it a bit more, but since I do not think there is anything wrong with how CTRL is actually used with the Node Tool, I will leave that topic to someone who does.
  18. I have no idea what you mean about it being nonsense. Please explain how you could CTRL-Drag a node without the contextual menu popping up as soon as the button was pressed if the UI was changed such that a CTRL-click popped up that menu. Are you maybe suggesting a delay could be built into that function or what? Seriously, I do not understand how this could work & would sincerely appreciate it if you could explain how it could.
  19. This thread started off asking about how to add a node midway between 2 other nodes, not about whether the use of the CTRL or any other modifier key in the Mac versions was a mistake or inconsistent with what longtime Mac users would expect a CTRL-click to do. So in a sense it was wrecked as soon as it veered off into the now quite lengthy discussion about that. Consequently, in retrospect I think it would have been best to start a new topic about the inconsistencies between the Help topic & status bar when using the Node Tool, & perhaps an entirely different one about how the use of CTRL, CMD, Alt/Option, etc. could or should be made to better conform to the expectation of many Mac users.
  20. That won't work for several reasons, among them because in your step 3, if you click on a path segment with the Node Tool, you will create a new node at that point. Also, AFAIK there is no tooltip that displays the length of a segment.
  21. ??? Are you suggesting that you could CTRL-click (IOW, the button down action while holding down CTRL) prior to dragging & somehow not have the context menu pop up immediately before you had a chance to drag the node? Or maybe that the menu would disappear a soon as you started to drag?
  22. That would mean that two other node related CTRL functions, the CTRL-Drag to move just the node without moving its control handles & the CTRL-click to force the node to smooth, would have to be changed to something else.
  23. FWIW, back in the day Steve Jobs famously was opposed to multiple buttons on a mouse -- in fact, he once told the design team that he wanted the mouse to have no buttons at all! So when it became evident that a second button function was something users really needed, to keep Jobs happy they decided to make the under-used on Macs Control key provide that function. It was not a great design decision because it meant users needed to use both hands to access it, but it was the only alternative until Jobs relented & Apple started making multi-button mouse designs. Of course, now that a multi-button mouse or the equivalent is something almost everyone using a desktop computer has, there is very little if any need for it to activate that function.
  24. Yes, it is. But as I understand it, Apple says developers are free to override that if they have some reason to do.
  25. My point is simply that we do not really know why they chose to use CTRL when it would seem more logical to us to use CMD, either for the Reset function or elsewhere, so all we can do is speculate about that.
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