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  1. I have no first hand experience with this but I guess that unless the printer somehow prints on both sides of the paper at the same time (instead of making 2 passes through the print mechanism, one for each side of the paper) then it won't reduce the bounce. I doubt there are any consumer grade printers that can do that, but maybe someone knows of some that can?
  2. Where are you seeing this download button? For example, for US English https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/?trial takes me to a web page with a "Free Trial" button, which in turn takes me to a web page with "New to Affinity?" & "Existing Customer?" buttons. Since I am an existing customer (of the Affinity Store) when I click on that button, I get the screen to sign into my account. After one other screen asking for my account type (for me it is "Personal") I finally get to the screen with the big "Get my download link" button that when clicked takes me to a screen with the Download button. Is that the button you mean.
  3. For what you want, I think Justified Center will do it.
  4. On reopening a saved Affinity format file history will only show up if you enable the File > Save History with document item before saving it. But no, AFAIK there is no 'feature' built into the app to automatically flatten an Affinity format file to a single pixel layer when you save it.
  5. You said you cropped it. That is a change. Also, what is the source of the file? Does it contain copyrighted material?
  6. Also works for me running macOS Catalina, copying & pasting either a JPEG or PNG.
  7. AFAIK, not completely, at least in the macOS. Apps can tell the OS if some menu item is not available & should be greyed out, but I do not think they can change the wording (including the ellipsis) of any menu item. At least I have never seen this in any Mac app.
  8. At least for apps running on the macOS, I am not sure this could be supported by the code built into the OS that displays menu items, so if not, it would require special app level coding that might be impractical or difficult to implement because of how it could affect other menu items.
  9. Why not just use a different brush that doesn't have the voids to create the logo?
  10. Nothing strange about it. The Windows-only Serif 'draw' apps & the cross-platform Affinity apps are built on entirely different code bases so there is very little code that could run on both of them.
  11. Really hard to say what happened or how to fix it without at least a screenshot of your document with the Layers panel visible, or better yet a sample Affinity format file showing the problem.
  12. Just make sure App Shortcuts is selected on the left & press the Plus button to the left of the minus one. A new window will pop up like below, so just follow the instructions about entering the exact name of the menu command & select the keyboard shortcut you want to assign to it. The top "Application" field is a popup, so if you click on it, you can choose from any installed app that supports the normal Mac keyboard shortcut conventions. I still do not know how you managed to get those extra shortcuts into that preference because I am almost 100% certain none of them are defaults for any recent version of the macOS, including Mojave.
  13. The instructions say that on the Text Menu, you need to select Insert>Fields>Page Number. Since there is no "#" item on that menu, I think it should be fairly clear to most users how this works. Maybe not quite so clear for the section manager, though...
  14. Same for me. Also, the usual default Finder shortcut for Duplicate is ⌘D (it's on the Finder File menu), which I believe is built into the app & so would not need to be added in the prefs. All this makes me wonder how these things got set there for @Furry, & also why both duplicate shortcuts can't be deleted in the preference (which should just require highlighting them one at a time & clicking the minus button).
  15. What specifically happened when you tried to export the file to PDF? Did you get an error message, & if so what was it, or if no error message then what happened?
  16. For each of them their should have been on the left an indication of what the shortcut was for & the key combination for the shortcut on the right. So what were these shortcuts for?
  17. It might help understand better what he was doing if you posted a link to the video(?) where you saw this, or if not a video on the web than told us more info about where you saw this.
  18. If you could upload a sample of just a master page & maybe one document page so we could see how you are setting pages numbers, it would probably make it obvious what you are doing wrong.
  19. If both the top parent layer its two child adjustment layers are all highlighted like in your screenshot, try clicking once on the thumbnail of the adjustment layer you want to access, then when it is the only layer highlighted, double-click on its thumbnail. In all cases make sure you are clicking on the thumbnail icon on the left & not the name of the layer to its right.
  20. Likewise 3 to 30%, 4 to 40% & so on. Also, typing 1 then immediately typing 2 sets opacity to 12%, typing 3 then 7 to 37% & so on. Typing zero twice in a row sets opacity to 0% & typing it just once sets opacity to 100%. This means it is possible to set a selected layer's opacity to any decimal percent quickly using just the number keys, but it also means there is no way to change these 'wired in' keyboard shortcuts because of the unique sequence of 2 keys shortcuts cannot use the same logic as the normal ones.
  21. I would call it a tie. Your macros are (almost?) one step solutions but they only work in AP. @Pšenda method takes more steps but works in all the Affinity apps.
  22. I hope @Furry would have mentioned it long before now if there were any keyboard utilities running on the system, but maybe not. Ditto for a non-standard keyboard, but who knows? But regardless, to me the only thing that makes even a little sense to me is something that could affect both AD & APub & somehow just a few of the default keyboard shortcuts.
  23. Have you ever used a second monitor with your Mac? If so, the Resource Manager window may be opening on that, even if it is not connected.
  24. But it should at least exist if there are no permissions issues preventing it from being created when @Furry alters any of the keyboard shortcuts, right? As I understand it, that file should be written to automatically whenever any change is made to the shortcuts in the preference. @Furry just recently said that there was a change made that was retained, just not the one for Duplicate, so it makes no sense to me that the file is completely missing from the Application Support folder. There is also the continuing mystery of why both AD & APub both seem to have the wrong shortcut for Duplicate & neither one (?) can be changed & retain the change on the next startup, & why the Serif Defaults button does not reset everything to the defaults, including for Duplicate.
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