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  1. True, but unfortunately the same issue is still present in the newest 1.7.125 beta of Affinity Photo—developing without any active filter/adjustment results in perceivably correct shading compared to batch importing with saving as either JPG or PNG that produces notably darker shades (apparently, roughly the upper third of the histogram is never used). I am quite puzzled how such a serious drawback can survive in the program for such a long time..? APh seems to be the goto solution for RAW processing, but a critically flawed batch import is rendering the whole program much less (if at all) useful for professional work.
  2. Variable end capping (with arrows, circles, squares, you name it) is indeed very useful. I would like to add a request for the feature to have the position of the "capping" object also as a variable. In other words, start and end (0% and 100%) being only special cases of a more general capability to place objects (or text!) along a path.

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