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  1. I have AP 1.4.3 installed on my iMac and cannot find any information how to upgrade it to AP 1.5, went into Apple App Store and there is no upgrade/Buy option, it only has the open option. So how do I upgrade to AP 1.5?
  2. I am having issue with Affinity Photo opening an PhaseONE IQ3100 IIQ file. The file appears to be all washed out and strange color issues as well. File is also not usable in this state. No issue if open with CaptureONE Pro. Am using v 1.4.2 Andrew
  3. As Fixx says, I have similar problem with DNG files during stitching, did you try it in tiff or jpg?
  4. After more testing, Affinity was able to stitch jpg and tif with photos shot in the portrait position. But was not able to do the same with raw (in my case DNG) format.
  5. Hi, I am currently using Affinity 1.4.2, I was shooting a pano using a FF 35mm camera. This was a 10 shot pano with the camera oriented in a portrait position. A nodal slide was also used to ensure perspective correctness. However, when using Affinity 1.4.2, the resulting stitched photo was totally distorted where as when I switched back to PS, it came out ok and workable. I tried the same shot with the camera in the landscape orientation and without issue. Am I doing something wrong? Are there any other pano stitching parameters that I am not aware of? I uploaded the Affinity stitch vs the PS stitch to illustrate my problem.
  6. It was reported in CaptureONE forum that that 10.11.6 breaks the compatibility of tiling. In my work flow, I use both C1 and Affinity. It turned out that if I create an tif file with a tiling of 128, it can display in preview, however, it will crash Affinity, Affinity is not able to open such a file. So, I have to revert back to no compressed with no tiling. Hopes this will help in debugging the issue. Not sure what tiling does to the file format though.
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