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  1. I noticed in the tutorial videos, the person moves a zoomed image around the screen while processing, e.g. working on a layer, adding a layer, adding a filter, etc., When I try this, I have to click the Hand icon to move the image and that deselects the tool, e.g. Selection Brush tool, I was using. This makes using the Selection Brush tool on a zoomed in image file tedious. How do I move around a zoomed image without clicking the Hand icon so I can continue using my desired tool, e.g. Selection Brush tool? :) (I'm a newbie, but having fun and find this generally much easier to learn than PS.)
  2. Staff, I was using a Fuji image loaded into LR, converted to .dng, then copied out of the LR directory outside of LR and then pasted into my Affinity source RAW folder. I then opened the .dng portrait image and did a Document, Rotate CW to make it a vertical; then did a Save As to label the image as a "vert" so I could distinguish it from the original image file. I then processed the image, did a Save As to the Affinity Processed folder (where I keep all my processed images.) I found Affinity worked fine with .tiff and .dng image files. That seemed to solve my issue. Thanks for asking.:)
  3. David4, if you mean you want to rotate and landscape image to a portrait orientation, click Document in the toolbar; click rotate CW (clock-wise) or CCW (counter clock-wise); do a Save As for the file. I had the same question yesterday and had help figuring it out. It seems Affinity does not read the camera information in a RAW file and so may display all images in landscape orientation, even though you shot it in portrait orientation. Hope this helps. :)
  4. Yes I tried rotating the image and saving it which worked. However, when I copy content from the image into another image as a layer, the copied content displays in landscape format. Very frustrating. Thanks for the reply though.
  5. I opened a portrait image in Affinity, but it only displays in landscape format. I created a base document in portrait format and tried to open a raw image file in that document, but it would not display. So far all portrait format raw files only display in landscape format. Why?
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