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  1. Affinity Designer Windows I would like to have the ability to go to "File > Revert" to quickly revert back to the original saved Affinity Designer file.
  2. Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for! --T
  3. Affinity Designer - Windows Beta Feature: Solo a Layer Generally, when working I have a ton of layers. It would be helpful to have a way too "solo" a single layer or folder. E.g. right clicking (or option clicking) on the visibility check box or something at the top of the layer panel. With this feature, I could quickly edit the points or elements on something without seeing all the other layers. A lot of times I'm just trying to find the layer that I need to edit. And right now, I go one by one turning on/off layers and searching the screen to see what changed.
  4. Affinity Designer - Windows Beta Copy pasting images with alpha from other programs (e.g photoshop) do not paste into Affinity designer with alpha. Instead Affinity Designer pastes the graphic with a white solid background. Specifically: If you are in photoshop and have a rater image with alpha. If you "select all > copy". Then go into Affinity Designer and Paste (nothing happens). You have to go to "Edit > Paste Special > Device Independent Bitmap". Which is a real pain. In illustrator if you copy / paste into Affinity Designer the vector artwork pastes as it
  5. Affinity Designer I would like to have more options in the right click menu when over a layer in the layers panel. When right clicking on a layer or group, quickly being able to clear the effect, export, merge contents, create artboard, or create a symbol. Also being able to select multiple layers and right click to merge the contents into a single layer would be super helpful. Right Click > Clear Effects Right Click > Export Right Click > Create Artboard Right Click > Create Symbol Right Click > Merge Contents
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