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    Colour Separation

    I have been using PagePlus to send to my printer. We have a black and a spot colour. He suggested using CMYK and using one of the colours, in our case Cyan for the spot. He would output Black and Cyan and drop the two other colours as they would be blank. This worked well for ten years and now he can't work with Publisher! Is there any way to be able to print separations as with PagePlus. Otherwise Publisher is not what we need, more is the pity!
  2. Indeed! Will Adobe sit quietly and do nothing ro advance their products?
  3. Serif X9 does it admirably! There would be a reluctance to change entirely from X9...
  4. Thank you for this input. Having been a PP user from the very beginning, we have grown up with the program! A lot of items are of paramount importance as we have grown up with them. One item is of interest to me and that is picture frames. The ability to create a frame and then import, resize and reposition within the frame is one of my needs. There is also the facility to increase/decrease contrast and brightness as well as the red eye function! Indeed, there are many other PPX9 features for instance, as mentioned the text editor. I appreciate that AP is in beta stage and it has to be noted, pretty well advanced stage but it would be reassuring if our needs were addressed. I use MoviePlus extensively and find it's an excellent program for the price which was a credit to Serif but that's gone, more's the pity. WebPlus also!
  5. My sentiment exactly. Pageplus X9 is a pretty comprehensive piece of software and APub, even though a good program, seems to be tinkering and gearing towards the Macintosh market which is fine However, the PagePlus stalwarts are being left behind. Granted that there is a learning curve with new software, I find that the real concerns of PP users is not really being addressed. I mentioned one or two items which were of a concern to me and no mod seemed interested to even reply. Shame...
  6. Enlarging/reducing/repositioning images in picture frames could be addressed!
  7. Ok, so I've been tinkering and find that shapes can be converted to text boxes and picture holders under the layers tab. Resizing/positioning can be achieved by selecting the picture in it's shape and clicking on the picture frame tool icon on the left hand side. PPX9 does this so much better and contrast/brightness can also be adjusted in PPX9 as well as a cutout studio which I imagine would be through a link to Affinity Photo (eventually). So far, there's not a lot that AP can do any better than PPX9....
  8. There are features in PPXX9 which are sadly lacking in the AP beta. Do you envisage a writeplus type of add on? I also asked about converting shapes to text boxes and picture holders. I was expecting some awesome features in AP but I find PPX9 far superior...
  9. Hi. Missing the convert to photo frame! idem for text frame. Also would like a decent panel for the typefaces.
  10. I use this software on Windows and a young colleague would like to buy if for her Apple Mac. That process is a disaster, ad ridden and not very clear! On my windows I simply type 'affinity designer download' into my browser and a list of options crop up. I select one which brings up the site and I click on download! Any ideas on this?