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  1. UPDATE: after talking with the font designer, we did identify one case of user error. Text needs to be set in UPPER CASE only. Mine was written in lower case, the switched to upper (or possibly small-caps) in the "Typography" panel. Once that was corrected, the "contextual alternates" radio button was available for selection. Once selected, it mostly worked, but a few of the glyps was still not available. (I have not tested them all.) Also, none of them show up in the glyph panel either. Closer, but I'm not lighting that cigar just yet.
  2. Ah, right. Sorry about that. I'm experiencing this with Montreux Grotesk from ROHH. Attached image that displays the glyphs in question.
  3. Hi guys! I just purchased a nice font family today, but found that the (very cool) discretionary ligatures are NOT available in the glyph browser? There is a tick-box there, but greyed out. As is "Alternates / Slashed zero" for instance, another feature I know the fonts have. I know the glyphs are present in the font file, because I can view them in my font manager and more importantly, use them in Photoshop (here they are categorized under "Discretionary ligatures" when filtering in the drop-down). Anyone know if this can be caused by a format issue with the fonts, a bug or non-supported feature in Designer or anything else funky? (I have other typefaces where I can access a huge extra set of glyphs, for instance ITC AvantGarde Gothic, but here they are categorized as "Private use area".) For now, I exported the text as a PNG from Photoshop and placed in Designer, but that sure is an ugly workaround... Thanks!
  4. For selecting the object, you can always pick it out of the list in the Layers/Objects panel. Once selected, the Transform panel is great (IMHO) for either moving by sliding on the X or Y values, or dialing in the exact pixel value you need.
  5. Auto tracing is currently not included AFAIK. However, adding a photo and manually tracing over it is how I create basically all my images. It really works well, esp. when using the Pen-tool.
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    Glyph section

    Another vote for this. Using typefaces with multiple character variations, swash characters or even typefaces that are only symbols is really hard on the iPad currently. The "Typography / OpenType" menu is kinda working for alternates, but we really need a full glyph browser for every character in the set. I would also love to see an option to size the grid so that the full characters can be properly viewed even when they stretch "out of bounds". Thanks!