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  1. Bumping this with a +1
  2. cormaction

    brush cursor visual feedback

    sorry to dig this up from the depths of time but +1 in this. Would be really useful to see what I’m doing when erasing/masking and precision brush strokes. Has there been an update on this? cheers
  3. Cheers. Hope to see some improvements in the future so!
  4. cormaction

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    I think it’s been covered but here’s a video from my end anyway. I’m more so talking about the lag/delay rather than the accuracy in my case but seems to stem from similar issue. Just to reiterate the problem I’m having. When I click On a node, hold and drag there is a lag/delay before it enventually snaps to where my cursor is. However if I just tap and drag really quickly it moves right away. I have no idea why there is a lag one way and not the other but it’s driving me up the wall! Also, in the vid you can see certain instances when a magnified view of my Selection appears but it appears to be just a still from when I made the click...it doesn’t move or update as I drag so it actually gets in the way of what I’m trying to see. Maybe I’m missing something but is this a bug? If it’s a magnifier, shouldn’t you see the movement update inside the magnification bubble too? Currently the static image doesnt actually help and it gets in the way? cheers CE7DE6FE-F2A0-46BC-900C-29E0CADD17C8.MP4
  5. Hi guys, I just got Designer on the iPad and enjoying it so far. One thing I would love to be able to do is to move small/narrow objects while zoomed out. Currently when I have a small shape selected and I’m zoomed out wide, the tool thinks I’m trying to scale it because the shape is small, it’s hard to click inside the middle so I can move it and I always end up dragging the scaling handles. I know you can use transport studio but large movements in there it seems slow and awkward. I would love to be able to move small/narrow shapes like this ideally by selecting it but dragging anywhere outside the shape so it just moves relative to the cursor. Is this or something like this possible? Simple vid attached to demo problem. bonus question: is it possible to see the brush/vector size cursor while drawing? I’m finding erasing very inaccurate because I can’t see the leading edge of the brush. I have show touches turned on but they don’t fit to the same size of the brush. Thanks a mill guys. 3711A69E-90F5-4465-87DE-45DFF6F0AD76.MOV
  6. cormaction

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Hi guys, just want to chime in and say I’m having this issue on a brand new 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch too, very frustrating to work with. Just got the app today. Is there any updates on this problem? Completely ruins the flow and fun and is putting me off using the app. Awesome and very impressive app otherwise. cheers