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  1. It solves one problem but it is still annoying that we have to reopen the app. UX in this case is getting terrible. Is it related to some iPad memory issue?
  2. Every time I switch to another app, the app crashes and then I have open it again and I lose all the work I’ve done.
  3. Can I have Beta on iPad as well? By the way, thnak you for your replies.
  4. Is it stable enough to use? I did solve the problem by checking at every single layer. It seems it was something to do with one single stroke I made with the apple Pencil.
  5. The issue is happening With the attached file. I've tried to export for hours. It was created in Affinity Designer for Ipad using the Apple Pencil. But I can't export PDF, PNG or anything else on iPad or even on my MacBook. What is happening with it? Brincadeira.afdesign
  6. Every time I start designer on the iPad the snapping feature is always turned off and I have to set it on again. Next time I come to the app it’s always off and I have to set it on again. Is it normal? Is there something wrong happening with this? ✌️
  7. I have the same problem. Crashes every day and random moments. I came here to see if there is a solution, but it seems that no one knows what to do.
  8. How can I send it to you? I have another problem exporting PDFs. If a file with the same name already exists, even if I delete it, AD doenst save it. I have to make it again.
  9. Chris, I took a look at this closer and I will try to explain here: The car is the image i question. I opened the file once and aI found a Marquee selection in the area below. I canceled the selection, but the image now got this external transparent area, like two images were blended in one. When I try to cut, thats when happen the memory leak. PS: I already fixed it replacing the image, but it seems some mistake with the selection tools that is causing this error.
  10. I realized when I installed Designer the first time that it was sonsuming so much memory, but now, after the lastest update, it is a little impossible to use. Its is happening when I select a image on Pixel Person e cut it. I only can stop it closing the file and some times killing the task of AD. Take a look.
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